Blank Room Soup is an odious viral YouTube video that has been impressing the public for years. The real history of this video, also known as Freaky Soup Guy, generates great interest from the audience. There are many guesses and rumors. Also, many YouTubers like to bring up this story from the past to get a lot of views.

You can find many interesting psychedelic videos on the Internet. Some of them can cause real horror or just an unpleasant sensation, and some make you think. 

Blank Room Soup Meaning: Scary Interesting

The video has been around for a long time, but still causes a lot of emotions. The events were filmed in 2006. First, we see a man-eating soup in an empty room, sitting alone. The man is wearing rather strange clothes: an apron over his naked body. Soon, people dressed in costumes of huge dolls approach the man and stroke the man on the shoulder. And these actions cause a real hysteria in him. The video also has a sequel, where it is shown that a person eats literally through force, in the final a doll runs up to him.  

Real History: What Was Explained

The huge doll costumes shown in the video, it turns out, belonged to the art group RayRay. one of the group’s animators, Raymond S. Percy, became known to the general public. Turns out this creepy video was created by an unknown party who stole the costumes from the trailer after the show and emailed them to Raymond shortly after.

Raymond Percy was the first to upload this video to the network on his channel RayRayTV. This person is known to the general public for his work in the animated series “The Simpsons” and several animated films from Disney. But he stated that he had nothing to do with this video. Moreover, the characters of his dolls were never evil.

Blank Room Soup creator

This is a scary and disgusting series of two videos, united by the fact that both show the same person, whose face is not visible. He eats soup, filling his mouth with food and overcoming disgust. And people dressed as dolls are watching him.

Blank Room Soup: New Interesting Facts

Those who saw the video began to build various assumptions. In their opinion, the costumes could have been stolen by intruders who detained the person for debts. The guesswork of what the soup was made of was just horrible. Rumors spread around the network that everyone who watched the video would find themselves in the same conditions or face significant trouble. However, these are just rumors. The only trouble that video can bring is unpleasant emotions for especially impressionable people. For 15 years, conjectures regarding the origin of the video have not been confirmed.  This video will probably be used for a long time to raise the hype. It’s been so many years, and the story of this video continues to excite the Internet. It is one of the longest-running viral videos on YouTube.