Abdurozik biography
Full nameAbdurozik
Kind of activityShowman
Height100 cm
Weight17 kg
Marital statussingle
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Abdurozik is a young artist from Tajikistan with excellent vocal abilities, a childish appearance and a truly masculine character. It was the character that did not allow the Tajik singer to become a victim of circumstances. Despite the disease, Abdurozik was able to achieve incredible success and win the hearts of millions of people from around the world.

Abdurozik how old

Abdurozik: how old is the artist, his biography

Abdurozik is called a Tajik phenomenon, because of an unknown disease, this young man, who has a piercing voice and undoubted artistic abilities, looks like a child, but many adults and healthy people would envy his will to live. Despite the incredible popularity, very little is known about the young singer and people are trying to find answers to questions about how old the artist is and where he comes from on the Internet.

According to some reports, Abdurozik was born in the small Tajik village of Gijdarva. In the first years of his life, the artist was no different from other children, but after he was four, he began to noticeably lag behind in growth, and after some time he stopped growing altogether. It is known that the singer’s parents were very poor people, so he was not provided with medical assistance on time. Abdurozik, who, according to his own words, turned 17 in 2021, looks like a five-year-old kid. The height of the Internet star is only one meter, and the weight does not exceed seventeen kilograms.

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In numerous articles on websites and forums dedicated to the work and biography of Abdurozik, you can find information that in the first years of his life the artist had rickets. What actually caused his illness is unknown, but many fans are sure that the disease that their idol suffers from is genetic. Despite external features, the young man impresses with the level of development, prudence and creative abilities, which are especially evident in music.

Creative path

According to the young Tajik artist, singing has always been his favorite pastime. In 2020, in an interview for Asia-Plus radio, the smallest singer in the world spoke about the beginning of his creative biography. One day, a cousin filmed it on a cell phone camera and posted the video on the Internet. The video clip attracted the attention of the famous Tajik musician and blogger Behruz Sharifi, known by his stage name Baron. Surprised by the childish appearance and talent of Abdurozik, Behruz decided to help him start his creative path. The parents of the nugget from Gijdarva did not have to be persuaded for a long time, they easily agreed to the Baron’s conditions. In the capital of Tajikistan, Abdurozik and his mentor shot a video for the lyrical composition “Oh Zor”, which became a sensation in 2019. Also, YouTube users liked the song “Vatan Modar”, in which Baron reads rap and Abdurozik performs the vocal part. Surudi, which in Tajik means song, had no chance of not becoming a hit and gave the young artist an even greater number of fans.

UFC fight between Hasbik and Abdurozik

At the beginning of 2021, news appeared on the Internet about a fight without rules, in which Abdurozik would take part. The opponent of the Tajik artist was the Dagestan blogger Khasbulla Magomedov, whose height also does not exceed one hundred centimeters. The duel was organized by rapper Baron and a fighter from Dagestan named Askhab Tamaev. As it became known from the words of Tamaev, Hasbulla, whom fans call Hasbik, expressed a desire to fight an opponent of approximately the same age and weight category. Abdurozik accepted the challenge and arrived in Dagestan in May 2021 in order, as he stated before the battle, to “show the strength and greatness of the Tajik people.” The fight “Hasbik vs. Abdurozik” was followed by a lot of people, only on Tamaev’s Instagram blog the announcement of the fight and interviews with special fighters were watched by almost two million Instagram users.

Abdurozik Songs

The penetrating and clear voice of the little artist was appreciated by music lovers living not only in the post-Soviet space, but also in Iran and Turkey, as well as in some European countries. In 2020, the performer recorded the songs “Buyi Muhammad Omad” and “Dunyo”, in which he managed to show the beauty of his voice and the ability to master it.

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Abdurozik now

In 2020, the media named Abdurozik one of the most talented young musicians in Tajikistan. As follows from the interviews posted on the Avlod YouTube channel, Abdurozik connects his future only with music. In the spring of 2021, the singer recorded the provocative dance song “Oshikami” and the soulful song “Modar”, which tells about the power of mother’s love. Residents of different countries follow the news and the development of his musical career. On the Instagram blog, the artist posts photos and videos, talks about his travels and upcoming performances. Each publication of this unusual artist invariably gains hundreds of thousands of views. Fans appreciate their little idol not only for his excellent vocal abilities, but also for his excellent sense of humor and kind heart, as well as his persistent, truly masculine character.