The team (hereinafter also referred to as the Internet resource) values the security of each visitor’s data. In order for you to be aware of the fate of your personal data, we have compiled an open Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy). After reading it, you will stop worrying about the safety of personal information and find out what happens with the data that we receive from you.

By using our Internet resource, you confirm that you are familiar with this Policy and are aware of the collection and processing of some of your personal data.


1.1. If you register on the site to participate in voting, contests, discussions, etc., you provide personal information that is necessary for the secure provision of the relevant services. It is used solely to protect against spam or distribution of illegal content.

1.2. Cookies – when you visit our website, cookies may be sent to your device to optimize the information you receive and the convenience of its consumption.

1.3. Information about the visit – the site is connected to various analytical resources that automatically record information about its visitors. These can be: search query, IP address, time of visit, browser type, etc. Such information is collected automatically and non-selectively (non-personally). It helps to improve the quality of our content.

1.4. All information is used only for lawful purposes, namely: establishing feedback with the user, protecting the site from illegal interference, optimizing site data, carrying out advertising activities, improving the quality of the site.


2.1. We do not sell your personal information.

2.2. By clicking on external links, you yourself provide your data to the relevant resource. We are not responsible for the safety of such information.

2.3. We provide your information to third parties only with your express consent or when you use additional services, the fact of using which implies your consent to the processing of data by such services.


3.1. We make every possible effort to protect personal data from third-party interference or internal leakage. For this, all available resources are used, including special software.

3.2.We do not protect against inaccurate information provided by pre-registration users. Responsibility for the accuracy of the data lies solely with the user who provides such data.


4.1. The privacy policy may be subject to amendments, which will be published on this page.