Adam Sosnick is an expert in finance and trading, member of the Welcome Funds team, host of the SOSCAST podcast, and a business coach. The man shares his life experience and gathers around him other experts who have achieved success in business themselves. Education, life path and net worth of entrepreneurs is always a subject of heated discussions, debates and even speculations. Haters and competitors try to pass Adam off as a scammer, while his subscribers and students paint a golden mountain. Both go to extremes, so we will try to get to the truth.

Biography: Age, Education, Career

Data about Adam’s age and childhood is a bit contradictory. There is information that he was born in New York in 1963. There are several potential refutations of this. He graduated from school in Miami in 1998, which means he was born around 1970 (there is no more precise data). He looks very good. He looks after himself, has a good lifestyle. His age is about 53 years old. As for the place of his birth, we consider more convincing information that he was born and grew up in Miami, Florida.

Adam’s father was a businessman. However, the Sosnick family lived poorly, due to the fact that the head of the family was disabled. He tried to help people with health problems find employment. This noble idea did not allow him to get rich. Therefore, Adam felt responsible to his family and from a young age worked, studied and did sports. All these endeavors bore fruit.

Adam Sosnick net worth

Thanks to his hard work, young Sosnick was able to get a scholarship during his studies. This allowed him to become part of the society of rich young boys and girls. His athletic achievements gave him a huge number of acquaintances. It was an investment in his future.

After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Communications & Business, Sosnick took any job he could get. That lasted until he was 30 years old. By this time, he had accumulated a small start-up capital and gained experience. In 2006, he started Welcome Funds and just a few years later became a vice president of that company. He is in this position until now. It was thanks to him that the company became a leader in the resale of life insurance policies.

When Adam realized that his business vision was right and relevant, he decided to create a platform where young people can get valuable information about entrepreneurship. This is how he became a trainer and presenter with a huge audience.

Wife and Children

Adam has been repeatedly seen in the company of Yamila Hernandez, however, almost nothing is known about their relationship. Sosnick’s Instagram is filled with content about working days. However, personal life remains behind the scenes. About the wife and children of the entrepreneur we can only guess.

Adam Sosnick’s Net Worth

The size of an entrepreneur’s income is a very slippery subject. You won’t find this data on Wikipedia. He has never directly voiced the data on his net worth. All analysts are guided by circumstantial evidence.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Sosnick does not boast of his wealth. This may surprise young people from the Tik Tok generation. However, we appreciate it as a sign of real financial success.

Money to the entrepreneur comes from sources such as:

  • percentage of sales in Welcome Funds;
  • individual counseling;
  • group events;
  • podcast and content monetisation on Instagram and YouTube;
  • investments.

The first two items are his main sources of income. The others bring him additional income. They act as a way to promote the first two, rather than the main focus of the business expert. Recognition in the world is an important part of his business. It directly affects his profits.

There is no exact data on Sosnick’s investments, but we have no doubt that he allocates part of his capital to long-term and medium-term investments. Whether this is cryptocurrency, real estate or other assets is difficult to guess.

Can we trust analysts’ estimates that attribute $400 million in capital to Adam? This is a very optimistic estimate. We have not been able to find any confirmation of this figure. However, we cannot dismiss the possibility that the entrepreneur has such assets. To be more restrained, we could be talking about $100 million.