Alex Hormozi is one of the most popular millionaires on the internet. He not only knows how to make money, but also wants to share his knowledge with others. The man created a consulting fund that cooperates with entrepreneurs and invests money and knowledge in business. Alex claims incredible personal income and income from companies he has worked with or founded. Hormozi’s entrepreneurs and followers on YouTube and Instagram want to know the truth about his annual earnings and net worth, according to Forbes. Open sources make it possible to get a complete picture of the financial side of Alex Hormozi’s life.

Source of Income: How Alex Hormozi Got His Huge Net Worth

The business expert was able to earn a lot of capital. This is beyond doubt. His distinguishing feature is that he walked the path to success himself. The man proved the viability of his models in practice. Many coaches and writers can’t boast of a personal example. Sometimes such an example is a fiction. Skeptics can appreciate Alex’s knowledge of how his companies operate.

The most prominent example of a business that brings in millions of dollars is Gym Launch. This company can be described as a decentralized network of gyms. Alex is not their owner. He sells the right to use his brand and business strategy. In 2022, the number of partner fitness clubs exceeded 1500. They are located on 4 continents. Hormozi receives income from all over the world. It is difficult to give an accurate estimate of the value of this enterprise. It certainly could bring Alex more than 10 million dollars.

Alex Hormozi net worth by Forbes

Where does Alex Hormozi get his money:

• sale of books and youtube monetization;

• investment activities within the framework of Acquisition;

• personal assistance in business scaling;

• Gym Launch.

According to the most recent figures, companies managed by Alex Hormozi have made $120 million in sales. How much of this money did he put in his pocket?

Alex Hormozi Net Worth by Forbes

Alex Hormozi net worth by Forbes

Forbes compiles a list of the richest people, or businessmen, whose income is growing very quickly. Alex deserves to be on the pages of this magazine. The fact that the editors of the world famous publication did not include their number even in 2022 suggests that the huge financial turnover does not always correspond to the net worth. This is absolutely normal. Do not think that $ 120 million in sales is the personal capital of Alex Hormozi. His real net worth is $20-25 million. This is a huge amount.

Why do experts’ estimates differ from the declared income? This is not entirely true. We have no reason to doubt the income of the companies with which Alex Hormozi cooperates. However, he receives only a fraction of these funds. In addition, the man is constantly looking for opportunities to invest in new lines of business. Most of his money is working, not lying in a bank account.

Alex Hormozi net worth by Forbes

Alex Hormozi has already donated several million dollars to charity. He wants talented young people in poor areas or even countries to have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Therefore, the Hormozi family finances educational programs.

Net worth $20 million is a rough estimate. Geopolitical turmoil and inflation could have an impact on Alex Hormozi as well. If money disappears somewhere, then it definitely appears elsewhere.