Alim Hokonov
Birth date14 December 1987
Full nameAlim Hokonov
Kind of activitymodel, face of advertising campaigns, aspiring actor
Height192 cm
Weight90 kg
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Alim Hokonov is a model, the face of advertising campaigns, an aspiring actor. The first wave of popularity brought the main role in the music video of Svetlana Loboda.

Biography of Alim Khokonov

Alim was born in 1987, on December 14th. He spent all his childhood in the small village of Psynadakha in Kabardino-Balkaria. Mom worked as a nurse, dad worked as a local entrepreneur. He was brought up in the right traditions, but his parents were never snobs – they perceive the successful profession of their son easily and are very proud.

The guy never dreamed of connecting his biography with the world of high fashion and the advertising industry. During the preparation of the capital of the 2014 Olympic Games, he went to Sochi for a construction site. However, fate brought him together with a photographer who saw a starry face from the cover in a young Circassian.

Model Alim Hokonov: from Instagram photos to filming

After the publication of the first photo shoots, Alim’s texture was noticed by leading magazines and brands. The guy with a height of 189 cm and a brutal “Italian” appearance quickly went to work outside of Russia. His portfolio includes collaboration with Irina Shayk. And the modeler spoke about an interesting case on the set with Monica Belucci in an interview with Ilona Zhilova in the spring of 2020.

Hokonov became the face of Armani, D&G, Roberto Covalli and a dozen of the world’s leading fashion houses. In addition to photo projects, he became recognizable thanks to the main role in Loboda’s video for the song “Random”, which over 3 years was watched by more than 90 million viewers. Alim also starred in the TV series “Kitchen. War for the hotel” for the STS channel. In addition to show business and foreign successes, the young model can be seen in advertisements for the Russian car industry and TV applications from a state provider.

Despite the serious popularity, the guy did not become arrogant and does not suffer from CSF at all. This can be seen from his instagram, where life stories are often published, and everyday photos dilute a series of staged shots. In addition, Alim loves to give interviews, in which he shows himself to be a simple, down-to-earth guy.

About personal life

A burning brunette with a reference appearance answers questions about his personal biography evasively. Alim does not openly talk about whether the place of the second half is occupied. The sultry lover on the show doesn’t showcase his victories in real life. Moreover, while he rejects the idea of marriage, and tries not to turn foreign novels into a serious relationship. Hokonov is sure that at this stage of his activity, family ties will interfere with his new achievements.

What is he doing now

In March 2020, the star of the modeling business returned to his native land for a short vacation, it was there that, by a lucky chance, quarantine found him. According to Alim, work can wait, but he is obliged to support his family in a difficult period. Therefore, the modelman spent all self-isolation in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Hokonov did not let his subscribers forget about him and began to shoot vines for Instagram, and his 80-year-old grandmother made up the company for scenario productions. Such a tandem of an elderly relative and a star Caucasian was covered by many media outlets. The videos really turn out to be sincere, and the shots with the grandmother in the kitchen evoke nostalgia for childhood for many.