Anastasia Biserova biography
Birth date20 August 1990
Full nameAnastasia Biserova
Kind of activitydancer
Height175 cm
Weight55 kg
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Anastasia Biserova is delightful Russian dancer well-known worldwide for her wonderful belly dancing. The beautiful woman is one of the richest and most famous dancers. In addition, the star is a talented actress, great choreographer, and famous founder of the association United Bellydance Studios. The woman quickly gained the love of fans, gained popularity, and earned an impressive net worth. Here is some Wiki data on the Russian dance star.


The girl was born on April 20, 1990. Her native city is Moscow.  She grew up here, but then her family moved to Egypt. Biserova on the sign of the zodiac Taurus. The star’s passion for dancing manifested itself in his youth. Since 2004, Anastasia has been dancing not as an amateur, but on a great professional level.


The star is a beautiful dancer, specializing in the Raqs Sharqi style. Her talent was highly appreciated not only by the public but also by experts. After receiving many prestigious awards, the star decided to establish the famous School of Oriental Dance. In 2011 the dancer won the IDO World Oriental Dance Championship. Her talent and charisma were appreciated by fans.

On her social networks, the beauty posts not only videos from performances. She also posts her beautiful photos (on a yacht, on different cruises, at home, and so on), of which fans are excited. In addition, on the pages, the girl advertises her dance courses. You can visit her Twitter (@anastasiabiser), Instagram (@anastasiabiserova_official), where she has 1.3M followers, or visit her TikTok. Her bright, passionate, and graceful performance videos inspire people worldwide to take up amazing oriental dancing. It is the world of grace and beauty.

Anastasia Biserova wedding

Does Anastasia have a husband or boyfriend?

A talented girl often dances at other people’s weddings. Inviting her to the celebration is prestigious for the newlyweds. Nobody saw the wedding of Anastasia herself. She doesn’t have a husband. A beauty may have a boyfriend, but out of over 300 photos on Instagram, you will not find a single one where her beloved man is. Her profession does not require exemplary loneliness, so there is reason to believe that she does not have a serious relationship. The situation may change soon. She often happens in Egypt and other countries of the Middle East. Some sheikh may want to see such a luxurious wife next to him.

Anastasia Biserova Net Worth

Anastasia Biserova Net Worth

According to various sources, the star’s fortune is estimated at 1-$5million dollars. Of course, the dancer does not disclose exact data, so the numbers are only approximate. She has earned such a great net worth not only by her talent in dancing. The star understands how to interact with the public, position herself to the audience, and what it is profitable to do. The star is active and energetic, so she not only dances amazingly, driving fans crazy with her incomparable grace but also advertises her dance courses, is active in social networks, and is engaged in PR of her person.

This bright, spectacular, hardworking, and talented star can be a role model. She is beautiful, smart, and understands well what the public needs and how to invest her talent in profits.