Andrey Pyrokinesis
Birth date16 December 1995
Full nameAndrei Igorevich Fedorovich
Kind of activityrap artist
Height185 cm
Weight62 kg
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Pyrokinesis is a rap artist and beatmaker from Krasnodar, a prominent representative of the underground on the Russian hip-hop scene. He became famous on popular online battles, which gave impetus to the development of a career as a musician. Lives and works in St. Petersburg, the cradle of alternative music in Russia.

Artist biography

Pyrokinesis was born on December 16, 1995 in Krasnodar, his real name is Andrey Fedorovich. Even at school, he loved to compose poetry, while studying at the Faculty of Physics and Technology, the hobby gradually grew into the main occupation of a young man. He began to write rap, which did not require special musical education, he learned to play the guitar.

Andrey took the creative pseudonym Pyrokinesis. What is pyrokinesis? This is a term from parapsychology, which means the ability to cause fire with the power of thought at a distance. The choice of such a creative name is connected not only with the bright lyrics of the songs, but also with the musician’s love for alcoholic beverages, a penchant for both destruction and creation.

Andrey Pyrokinesis

Online battles turned the life of Pyrokinesis 180 degrees. He participated in several tournaments in Krasnodar, reached the finals of the “Left Battle” and became recognizable on the streets of his native city. Andrei made a strong-willed decision and abandoned his studies, concentrating on music, and then moved to St. Petersburg, where his full-fledged career as a musician began.

Pyrokinesis songs and lyrics

In 2015, the first album of Pyrokinesis “5” was released. Five unpretentious tracks with powerful lyrical lyrics were received without criticism, two more releases were released in the same year. Fans appreciated not only the productivity of the artist, but also the harmony of the lyrics with the music, the sincerity of the performer. Pyrokinesis was invited to fit with other musicians, his track “My Soft Grunge Girl” became a local hit. In 2019, his currently most popular release in terms of listening, “Colors of the Rainbow”, was released. For 2021, the artist’s discography includes seven albums:

·   «5»;

·   Black Roze х Red Roze;

·   Burn To Die;

·   Eclipse;

·   «Crown of Thorns of Evolution»;

·   «Feed the demons on schedule»;

·   «My sweet emptiness».

The main thing for Pyrokinesis in his music is the deep meaning in the songs. On the Internet you can find many analyzes of his tracks, in particular on the “Legend of the God of Death”. In 2021, he continued the hero theme line with The Legend of the Storm Goddess. The author always tries to put ideas into his songs, moving away from abstraction, which made the youth audience fall in love with him.

Andrey Pyrokinesis albums

Andrey is not afraid to experiment, is not obsessed with rap and is ready to add heavy guitar parts to beats. Pyrokinesis performs in front of the listeners in different images, dynamic tracks alternate with depressive readings. He draws inspiration from classical foreign literature, prefers Pelevin from contemporary writers, and is fond of painting.

Musician’s personal life

Despite his public status, Pyrokinesis carefully hides his personal life. The artist’s social networks are silent about his marital status, it is not known if he has a girlfriend. Andrei is not deprived of female attention from fans. Apparently, such freedom in a relationship suits him quite well.

Andrey Pyrokinesis

What is Andrey Pirokinesis doing now?

The pandemic seriously affected the young artist, during the lockdown he was engaged in soul-searching, he was close to depression. 2021 was a turning point in the life of the artist – he began performing again, gave a series of concerts in different cities. Now Pirokinesis is preparing new albums, he is collecting fresh material and is not going to stop there, trying to create his own unique style.

Photo source: VKontakte Andrey Pirokinesis