Anna Maria Sieklucka
Birth date31 May 1992
Full nameAnna Maria Sieklucka
Kind of activitytheater and film actress
Height160 cm
Marital statusin relationship
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Anna Maria Sieklucka is a young Polish film actress. Received special fame thanks to the main role in the film “365 days”, based on the novel of the same name by Blanca Lipinska.

Anna Maria Seklyutskaya: biography

The future star of Polish cinema was born in Lublin, in eastern Poland, on May 31, 1992. The girl prefers not to talk about her parents and other relatives. They are not public people. In Anna Maria’s hometown, her father is known as a lawyer, but the network is not replete with more detailed information.

As a child, Ama (as she is sometimes called in the common people) studied at one of the best schools in the region – Hetman Jan Zamoyska High School. After receiving secondary education, the girl showed interest in theatrical art and entered the L. Solsky Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow.

Talent and specialized education made it possible to move to the capital. Seklyutskaya pleases the Warsaw audience with her performance in the local theater.

Anna Maria Sieklucka

Before entering the world level, Anna Maria shone in the play “Valentine’s Day” directed by Ivan Vyrypaev. The experience of filming until 2019 cannot be called great. The girl had a minor role in the film Good or Bad, as well as fleeting episodes in several Polish films (Like Never Nothing, Alice in Wonderland).

Film career

The talented young lady did not want to stop there. She applied to an acting agency that collaborated with Polish film studios. There she was spotted by the showrunners of the film “365 Days”. After the casting, she was assigned the main role. Seklyutskaya appeared on the screen in the image of Laura (in the book version of Laura).

The breakthrough of the young actress was talked about at the end of 2019, when the first trailer for the hot drama was released. On February 7, 2020, viewers were able to appreciate the beauty of Ama’s acting. Polish 50 shades fell in love with the public. The film is filled with scenes of an intimate nature, in which the Italian actor Michele Morrone made up a couple of Seklyutskaya. The latter played the role of the Sicilian leader of the mafia family, who captivated the beautiful Laura.

Anna Maria Sieklucka

The actress gave herself completely to the role. The result exceeded all expectations. The heroine turned out to be ardent and passionate. But the result was achieved with hard work. Anna Maria was not immediately able to get used to nude shooting. The author of the novel, Blanca Lipinskaya, and partner on the set, Michele, provided her with great help. The film couple developed a good relationship of trust, which was correctly transferred to the screen.

Personal life of Anna Maria Seklyutskaya

For a long time, the actress took a principled position and flatly refused to discuss her private life. The growth of popularity and rumors forced her to reveal her cards. Apparently, she did not want to start talking about an affair with an Italian colleague who conquers girls all over the world. It turned out that Ama had a strong relationship with the director of her theater, Lukasz Witt-Michalkowski. The piquancy of the office romance is added by the fact that the young man is not at all young, but 18 years older than the actress.

Anna Maria Sieklucka bio

Anna Maria Sieklucka now

The girl does not talk about specific plans for the near future. It can be assumed that the directors will bombard her with offers for filming in films with bed scenes. Anna Maria does not comment on such a prospect.

The ratings of the spicy drama from Polish filmmakers turned out to be low. 3.20 on the IMDb scale is clearly not what the producers were expecting. It seems that Ama got more personal benefit from filming than all of its creators. Now its popularity is growing every day. Instagram page is bursting with new followers from all over the world.

At the beginning of quarantine April, Netflix launched the online showing of the film “365 Days” for European countries. About the Polish actress began to learn in all corners of the world. The domestic public clearly demands new film projects from it.