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Full nameArkady Vodakhov
Kind of activityproducer, screenwriter
Marital statusmarried
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Arkady Vodakhov is a producer and screenwriter of entertainment TV content. Better known as the only and beloved husband of the artist Marina Kravets.

Arkady Vodakhov: biography and nationality

A native Petersburger carefully conceals his date of birth and biography details. All information is hidden in the personal VK profile and only a few real photos of the person are available. Alina Vodakhova is listed among Arkady’s friends, judging by the external similarity, this is the sister of a secretive man. From open facts it is known that in 2006 the producer graduated from the philological faculty of the State University of St. Petersburg.

Аркадий Водахов квн

In his student years, Vodakhov’s creative career began. He not only took part in KVN from his university, but also wrote scripts for performances. The team was called “Coots” and she connected the future of Arkady with the humorous sphere. After training, the screenwriter worked on the radio, and later became close friends with the Comedy Club company. However, a man with an unknown patronymic preferred backstage and was never drawn to the stage.

Working success

According to Wikipedia, in 2016 Arkady holds the post of general producer of the TNT4 entertainment TV channel. In November 2017, projects led by Vodakhov were awarded the prestigious PROMAX Peace Prize. It is awarded in London for outstanding achievements in TV promotion packaging. The company of the Russian nation took three levels of awards at once, and the young creative is very proud of this. He hides his age, but openly shares his successes in what he has been doing all his life. In addition to this award, the man’s Instagram posted a photo with a TEFI statuette.

Аркадий Водахов награды
Награды Аркадия

The screenwriter dilutes his work in comedy with the creation of serials. In his filmography, there are already two worthy serials with an open production date. The first-born was the comedy “Money or Shame”, which started in 2017, with Timur Batrutdinov and Nastasya Samburskaya in the lead roles. In 2019, Vodakhov launched the second BEHAPPY project, which he worked on for several years. In October 2018, Arkady posted on Instagram a picture of the treasured plate from the start of filming.

Personal life of Marina Kravets and Arkady Vodakhov

During the period of study at the university and work at KVN, Arkady met the young and incendiary Marina Kravets. Unlike her chosen one, information about childhood and how old the artist is is in the public domain. She graduated from the same philological faculty as Vodakhov. And she also began her professional biography in the entertainment direction with the KVN team “Coots”.

Relations began easily and there were no particular difficulties in understanding this couple. In rare interviews, Arkady notes that he sees in Marina his true soul mate, which perfectly complements him. She is a secular and media personality, makes it possible for her man to realize the essence of a screenwriter. The great popularity of Kravets did not affect communication and warm relations with a loved one.

Аркадий Водахов биография
Аркадий со своей популярной супругой

The turning point was the couple’s move from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Then Marina got a job on the radio and literally earned money to rent an apartment. Arkady throughout this period adequately bore responsibility for the development of his future wife. When the girl got into the gums, the public had a question about jealousy – after all, the beautiful brunette began to be surrounded by TV stars, including men of “hot” nationality. But the creative producer of a significant part of the Comedy Club productions showed strong trust in relation to his girlfriend.

The wedding of Arkady Vodakhov and Marina Kravets: where is the photo

In 2013, Arkady proposed to the only gum woman. Everything went according to the usual cute scenario: a romantic setting, one knee, words about a hand and a heart, and a ring from a famous brand. From such young and bright people, the audience expected a grandiose wedding event. But they left for their native St. Petersburg, where, without much gloss, on July 20, they signed at the local registry office.

Only the closest were present at the ceremony and celebration. There are 4 photos left on Vodakhov’s Instagram with his wife on the day of the wedding, and those are from the perspective of “surprise”. Marina is wearing a calm light outfit, the groom is wearing a simple suit. There was no big and luxurious photo shoot.

Аркадий Водахов свадьба

In various interviews with Kravets, the issue of children was raised. But the couple was in no hurry to expand and lived for their own pleasure – they traveled a lot and rested together. In February 2020, the public learned that Vodakhov’s wife was in a position and already on a “visible” date. And on April 9, Arkady’s first child was born – daughter Veronica.

Arkady Vodakhov now

In addition to the most important event in the biography of the creative producer – the birth of a child – nothing significant is noted. The day after the birth of his daughter, Arkady published a photo with his wife and an emotional post with words of gratitude to his beloved.

Like most creatives due to quarantine restrictions, the screenwriter observes self-isolation and writes sad notes about longing for workdays.