The hit of summer 2022 from Puerto Rican star Bad Bunny has hundreds of millions of views and streams across all platforms. The song became popular on all continents. Most listeners do not know Spanish and enjoy the melody, high-quality production, unusual video clip. But even native speakers don’t know about some of the hidden meanings of Neverita. Bad Bunny showed his talent and put in some interesting references, both in the text and in the video. They can change your impression of the composition and change your opinion of Bad Bunny, if you still did not know how seriously he takes his albums.

Bad Bunny Neverita: Meaning in English

For starters, you should look at the lyrics of the song. If you are new to Spanish, then use the translation.

Bad Bunny Neverita Meaning in English

The meaning becomes clearer. But you need to look at the text from the side of the whole album. Un Verano Sin Ti (Summer Without You) is a love lyric. But if in the main hit of the album Tití Me Preguntó the musician appears as a macho who spoils girls and does not even think about a serious relationship, then in Neverita the situation makes a 180-degree change.

The meaning of this composition is that every bully and macho will fall in love one day. In this case, all past merits will no longer matter. Now the main character of the song is in the role of prey, and not in the role of a hunter. The attitude of the girl to the guy surprises with its composure, but this is what makes the listeners understand that you should not play with the feelings of others. The girl that Bad Bunny (or the protagonist of his album) fell in love with has no problem with male attention. This is the absolute analogue of the guy from the song Tití Me Preguntó.

Such an interesting context reveals Bad Bunny as a very competent screenwriter. He thought his album down to the smallest detail. Now this is a full story with a plot.

Who Is Neverita and What Does That Mean?

There are two versions of why the song is called Neverita. Both are well founded.

Neverita is a type of sea snail. It is a symbol of slowness in the endless ocean. The song is about exactly that. The guy can’t wait to meet the girl, but she hesitates and does it on purpose. The main character is in the middle of the ocean of love and feelings, but is about to sink.

Neverita can also be translated into English as a refrigerator (or rather a small refrigerator.” The girl’s heart and mind are cold. She knows her own worth and wants to punish her fan.

Bad Bunny is well aware of all the possible meanings of the word neverita. He could use other words, but he did it consciously to show the versatility of the relationship between the main characters.

Bad Bunny Neverita Meaning of the Video Clip

Neverita Meaning Bad Bunny

In the case of this composition, the video clip was not a continuation or addition to the main story, but a separate clever reference. The musician decided to pay his respects to the star of the 2000s Elvis Crespo. You may know him from the hit “Suavemente”.

The song has no allusions to this singer, so the video was a surprise even for ardent fans of Bad Bunny. However, the most interesting thing is not that the young musician repeated the style and theme of the old video, but how attentive he was to details. He decided to use the same video format and quality.

Some sources hint at a collaboration between Bad Bunny and Elvis Crespo. This can be a very smart move on the part of musicians. The interest of the public is heated to the limit.