Barron Trump bio
Birth date20 March 2006
Full nameBarron Trump
Height180 cm
Weight68 kg
Marital statusunknown
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Barron Trump is the youngest son of America’s 45th president, who took office in 2017. Attracts attention due to the influence of his father, as well as unusual behavior in public.

Biography of Barron Trump: how old and what is his hobby

The fifth child of Donald Trump and the first of his wife Melania was born on March 20, 2006 – a year after the marriage of his parents. Before his father won the election, the boy lived in Manhattan, in Trump Tower. At the end of the 2017 school year, the whole family finally moved from New York to Washington, where Barron settled in the White House.

The media often pay attention to the fact that this is the first son of a US president in several decades, who became a full-fledged resident of a government building. Before him, the last of the boys, according to Wikipedia, lived here the heir of John F. Kennedy himself. After there were only daughters of Clinton, Bush and Obama.

Barron Trump bio

In the capital, Barron went to study at a private small school, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. On this news, the boy’s name also flashed in the tapes due to the concern of the parents of his classmates. The Trumps managed to convince the public that it is safe for children to be around their child. The educational process outside the school, as well as nutrition, education and other developmental activities are provided by mother Melania. The father is too busy with work issues and practically does not happen with his son.

In his free time, the “first” teenager in the United States is engaged in the usual sports for his age – tennis, baseball and football. In the 2017-2018 season, he was a member of the youth team D.C. United” and played 24 matches for his favorite club. Do not pass by his childhood and aesthetic golf, playing which Barron was caught several times by journalists. According to Donald, his son is fond of computers and, perhaps, the biography of little Trump will be connected with this case. He also loves modern cinema, but a high-ranking father condemns this, as he believes that there is a lot of violence and cruelty in films.

Donald Trump’s youngest son is a victim of the media

The star biography of Trump’s youngest son began at a newborn age – then, in the arms of his mother, he was a guest on Oprah’s TV show. Before his dad became president, the boy was not touched. The media hounding began with footage at the inauguration, where Barron behaved strangely, according to the audience – a lost look, looped movements, an indifferent yawn. Then journalists and bloggers suggested that the child has autism and the parents hide it.

The demand of Melania and several public figures, including Chelsea Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, to stop baseless attacks on the presidential heir, calmed the wave of discussions. However, Barron’s unusual behavior continued – at almost all events near his relatives, he has a sad face and downcast eyes.

Barron Trump with father

Another reason for the close attention of the press was the clothes of the growing “prince” of America. The guy really doesn’t bother with style – he goes to school in sneakers for $ 150, and next to his imposingly dressed parents he can go in gray shorts and a colored football with an inscription. But the network still has pictures of the president’s son in a tuxedo and bow tie – this is an image for high receptions.

Barron Trump: height, weight, orientation

Fresh photos of the younger Trump at the beginning of 2020 again made the public worry about his health. At first glance, the teenager quickly outgrew his father, and Donald’s height reaches 188 cm. The young man also gained weight – his face was rounded, and baggy clothes hid plump sides. A few months later, on social networks, Barron’s fans discussed new pictures of the idol, in which the 14-year-old guy looks quite fit.

Internet users in the post-Soviet space especially follow the biography of the son of the President of the United States, and even a community has formed that draws an analogy with the son of the head of Belarus. Based on the fantasies of these creative fans, fanfiction about Kolya Lukashenko and Barron Trump began to appear. The American presidential son is younger than the Belarusian one – when the child of Donald and Melanie was born, Nikolai Lukashenko was already 2 years old.

Barron Trump photo

Both star children cause the same delight among the public – they are tall, handsome and stately guys. The older generation, when they see them, speaks of a promising number of brides, and young people indicate their attention in social networks. Due to the media attacks on the younger Trump, a massive challenge has formed on TikTok under the hashtag “save Barron.” In June 2020, such a call was made about 30 million times.

Barron Trump now

The last son of the current president of America, for obvious reasons, does not maintain his personal pages on social networks. According to some reports, he had an Instagram account, but his domineering father forbade him to be in a virtual society. Therefore, the latest news about Barron is only between political articles, tweets and joint pictures with parents.

From Donald’s next speech, it is clear that his son spent the first half of 2020 in self-isolation due to the pandemic. Fan-publics continue to publish old photos of the younger Trump, discuss his resemblance to Nikolai Lukashenko, and how many more years to wait until Barron appears on social networks in person.