Big Boogie Biography
Birth date4 November 1996
Full nameJohn Lots aka Big Boogie
Kind of activityrapper
Marital statusmarried
Social networks

Big Boogie is a popular US rapper from Louisiana, now based in Memphis, who conquers listeners with new hits. His career began when he released his single on Youtube called “Oh My”. It became viral and made the young man not only famous but also rich.

Biography: Age, Nationality, Real Name

He was born on November 4, 1996 in the state of Louisiana in the United States.

His ethnicity is half American and half African. It is not known where the roots of his family tree go back to.

Big Boogie’s real name is John Lots. This name was given to him by his parents, but he came up with a pseudonym when he decided to pursue a career as a rapper.

Family and Parents

He does not talk much about his family.

However, it is known that he spent the first ten years of his life in Louisiana, where he was raised by parents about whom little is known. According to unreliable information, his father worked as a construction worker and his mother was a housewife.

The family lived in poverty, which meant that the boy could not afford new clothes or shoes. Because of this, he was constantly bullied by his peers.

Then the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, which was a big change for him, as it was the impetus for writing his own rap songs.

However, in 2014, while studying at school, he got into an unpleasant situation involving robbery, for which he was arrested for a month.

When the rapper was in the 10th grade, his family faced a loss. His father died due to alcoholism. In one of his interviews, he said that the goal of his career is to create a song in honor of his deceased father. This track is meant to evoke feelings and make listeners cry.

Career and Best Songs

In 2018, Big Boogie released his debut mixtape, Pain on Paper, which consists of 20 songs. That same year, he recorded three other collections.

In 2019, he released a record-breaking mixtape that received almost a million plays, which undoubtedly helped Big Boogie gain recognition and build a fan base.

Big Boogie is active on social media.

He has personal pages on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

He uses these social networks to share information about his daily life, motivate people to buy tickets to his concerts, and attract a new audience.

Does Big Boogie Have Girlfriend or Wife?

Not much is known about the rapper’s personal life.

Big Boogie doesn’t share the names of girls he may have dated, but based on his lyrics, we can assume that this list is quite large.  It is widely believed that he is not looking for a relationship, but rather likes to meet new girls during his performances.

The rapper is currently single and not in a relationship. However, he does have a daughter, whom he helps raise, from a previous relationship with an American singer from Memphis, Reuna.

In 2019, it became known that the famous rapper and the American singer had a daughter. They named her Raya Joey Lots. She is 4 years old.

On December 18, 2022, the girl turned 4 years old, but this does not prevent her from already being familiar with popularity.

She has a personal Instagram account and a loyal audience. Also, Big Boogie often mentions her daughter’s name in his posts on his page.

Net Worth

Big Boogie net worth

The rapper’s activity is not very active, so we can say that his capital currently ranges from about 250 thousand to half a million dollars. His first success brought him good money. But he is far from a millionaire, although he can become one.