Chencho Corleone biography
Birth date19 February 1982
Full nameChencho Corleone
Kind of activitysinger
Height173 cm
Weight69 kg
Marital statusunknown
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Chencho Corleone is a Puerto Rican singer and musician, founder of Plan B. He is one of the most popular people in his country. The musician combines participation in a duet with the release of solo songs. In 2022, he opened a new page in his career when his joint track with Bad Bunny collected 120 million views on YouTube.

Biography of the Plan B Singer

Chencho was born in Guayama (Puerto Rico). The exact date of his birth is disputed. Wikipedia lists 1982, but other public sources state that the correct date is 1979. February 19, 1982 looks more reliable. A common mistake is related to another Plan B member – Edwin Vázquez Vega (many know him by the nickname Maldy). This is the cousin of the Corleone. For unknown reasons, their year of birth is often confused.

Chencho Corleone concert

Chencho has long felt all the delights of popularity. His career had ups and downs. However, he is in no hurry to reveal family secrets. He grew up in a simple family, from childhood he was fond of music and received support from his relatives. More detailed information occasionally gets into an interview with a musician or his social networks. Open sources make it impossible to compile a chronology of his life before the creation of the Plan B group. After an incredible creative success, data on education, hobbies and mistakes of the past no longer seem so important.

Chencho decided to start his musical career when he was 20 years old. He was close friends with his cousin Maldy. They were lucky to meet an experienced producer and DJ who gave a start to a young group.

Since 2019, the Puerto Rican began to actively release solo compositions: Esperando Por Ti, El Efecto, Desesperados. Many young listeners discovered this artist for the first time. The audience is getting younger. This had a positive effect on the work of Corleone. For more than 20 years of the existence of the duo, Chencho has acquired millions of fans around the world.

Chencho’s Wife: Does He Have a Relationships

Chencho Corleone is still an enviable groom. Many fans would like to become closer friends with him. Whether the girls have a chance to win the heart of a musician is not known for certain. He constantly avoids the topic of personal life. However, if he had a wife, for such a long musical career, something would definitely become known about her. He probably has a girlfriend.

Chencho Corleone Net Worth

Chencho Corleone net worth

The man has been successful in life. He not only became famous all over the world, but also earned a lot of money. Chencho is a millionaire. The main source of his income is music: royalties, concerts, contracts with brands. Approximate capital of Corleone is 4+ million USD.

The monthly income of the musician can be estimated at 50 thousand dollars. He does not have a stable salary. It all depends on the success of the new tracks. A collaboration with Bad Bunny in 2022 guaranteed him generous payouts. Chencho’s main car is a BMW. He always looks expensive, but does not like excessive pathos. The man looks more modest than many of his colleagues who have not yet earned such capital.