Christopher Schwarzenegger Arnold's son
Birth date27 September 1997
Full nameChristopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger
Height180 cm
Weight105 kg
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Christopher Schwarzenegger is an American student at the University of Michigan, the last son of legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and journalist Maria Shriver. Known for his father’s surname.

Accessible Facts of the Biography of Christopher Schwarzenegger

The penultimate son of the terminator was born on September 27, 1997 in California. The boy was given the name Christopher Sargent and, additionally, his mother’s surname – Shriver. The child grew up surrounded by a large family, but parents do not talk about special moments of upbringing.

2011 was a turning point for Chris, literally and figuratively. While surfing in the vastness of Malibu, the boy could not cope with the board. The result was serious injury to the ribs and a collapsed lung. Then the news feeds were full of headlines about the stay of the son of a famous family in intensive care. However, there was no photo of the crippled child on the network. After an accident, the boy gave up surfing.

Christopher Schwarzenegger in childhood Christopher Schwarzenegger with his star father

Christopher has never been thin. Childhood photos make it clear that round cheeks and a loose physique have always accompanied him. The father instilled in all children a sense of regimen, diet and sports. But years later, the youngest son is not something that has not lost weight, on the contrary, Chris’s weight continues to grow. At the end of 2019, according to various estimates, its weight is about 130 kg. The public suggests that Schwarzenegger’s son’s overweight problem is related to hormonal imbalances. He may be taking weight-loss medication to cope with the problem, but there is no accurate information on this in the public domain.

At the age of 19, the guy enters the University of Michigan. At the time of study, he is completely absent from home. Arriving on vacation, journalists immediately catch him and, in comparative dynamics, they especially notice an increase in body weight. In addition, the young man prefers light colors in clothes. Absolutely not embarrassed by the fitted sides and abdomen. The image is finished with medium-length hair, which he often collects in a ponytail.

Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger: Relationship With His Father

The fact that Christopher is not the last son in the biography of the terminator became known much later. In the spring of 2011, the world was shocked by the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger has another son. A boy named Joseph Baena was born 5 days after Chris. His mother is the housekeeper of the Schwarzenegger family. The teenage crisis, health problems and this news almost unsettled Christopher.

The young man was more upset by the discovery of his half-brother than pleased. When creating an account on Twitter, he indicated only the name of his mother. The environment notices the detachment from the father. Although Arnold himself regularly congratulates his son on the holidays. Only the Instagram feed contains very few photos of Christopher. But Joseph Baena regularly appears on the tabloids in the company of his own father.

On the 22nd birthday of Chris, the famous bodybuilder published a joint picture. The guy is dressed in a Russian-style overcoat and a fur hat, and behind the snow-covered trees. This image attracted the attention of the whole world.

Christopher Schwarzenegger biography

Chris’ Personal Life

The media has almost no information about Christopher’s adult life, as he tries to avoid publicity. One of the photos is with curvy girls behind him. Subscribers are surprised why a fat guy does not have a complex with his neglected body. But Chris doesn’t hesitate to go to the beach with his friends.

The news of 2016 was footage of a date between a young man and a mysterious brunette. They celebrated Valentine’s Day with dinner at a Hollywood karaoke bar. This is the only moment of a personal biography that has appeared on the network. After discussing the press, Christopher tries to be more careful and does not advertise his relationship with the opposite sex at all.

What is Schwarzenegger’s Son Christopher Doing Now?

As of 2020, Christopher continues to study at the University of Michigan, come home occasionally, and he still hasn’t lost any weight. The close attention of the paparazzi is fixed on short-term meetings with the mother during shopping. Happens at family holidays older sister Katherine and her husband Chris Pratt.

Christopher Schwarzenegger photo

Even foreign publics do not have data on hobbies and the planned profession. Social networks are still alien to the young man, and he made the last retweet back in 2017.