Clavish biography
Full nameClavish
Kind of activityrapper
Height170 cm
Weight67 kg
Marital statussingle
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Clavish is a young rapper from London. He conquered social networks with an honest freestyle. The guy was able to take advantage of this success and now he is known in almost all countries of the world. This article contains all the most exclusive data about the musician: age, origin, real name, personal life and monthly income.

Biography: Age, Wiki

Clavish real name

The rising hip-hop star was born in north London in 1999. There is disagreement about his origin and real name. Some claim that he (or his parents) is from Jamaica. There are many reposts of messages from the president of Nigeria on his Twitter, which suggests that the roots of the musician are from this country. There is still no exact data on the veracity of one of these theories.

The real name of Clavish was not officially announced. It is known that he is the author of his hits. In the Apple Music service, the author of most of his songs is Cian Francis Wright. It cannot be ruled out that this beautiful name is hidden behind the pseudonym Clavish.

The guy does not talk about his family and loved ones. He doesn’t go to university. His main passion in life is music.

Music Career: All Songs

The path to fame began thanks to a video of his freestyle, which went viral on social networks. The guy got a lot of fans who demanded new tracks. Clavish has been fond of rap since childhood, so he decided to take advantage of the hype and show the public his songs.

A talented young man turned to the GRM Daily production center where he recorded the track 100MPH. The video quickly garnered 1 million views. In 2022, this figure approached 2.5 million.

Clavish collaborates with GRM Daily and Mixtape Madness. He decided to record several songs on his own. However, without the help of labels, it is still difficult for him to reach a large audience.

The most popular songs of the north London guy are Mad About Bars, Daily Duppy, How It Goes. For 3 years of activity, the musician was able to release 23 tracks.

The audience was interested in the track Greece, which is dedicated to this country. The clip was also recorded in Greece. This theme surprised some Clavish fans. This song is one of the few that hit the top charts outside of the UK and the US.

New tracks are planned to be released in the near future. We should expect interesting collaborations with more experienced rappers.

Personal Life: Girlfriend

Clavish biography

Clavish devotes his free time to cars. He loves premium cars with character. Among the posts on social networks that are dedicated to this hobby, there is no place for photos with girls. The guy definitely has fans who want to get to know him better. They have hope that the rapper’s heart is still free. Clavish does not have a wife or children.

Clavish Net Worth

Clavish net worth

The musician does not want to voice the exact figure of his income and capital. He has not yet become a millionaire, but he boasts a beautiful life. The guy receives a decent income, which can be estimated at 100 thousand dollars a year. On the Internet, you can find figures of about 35 thousand dollars, but these data are questionable. The terms of the contracts with GRM Daily and Mixtape Madness are confidential, but for the millions of views that Clavish brings them, these labels definitely pay a fair amount.