The song “Colors of the Rainbow” is the creation of rap artist Andrei Pirokinesis. His work is characterized by melodic and saturated with original, vivid images of lyrics. Despite the young age of the artist, his rich creative experience makes it possible to delight fans with unique songs with an extraordinary sound.

Creative treasure: what is the text of the song “Colors of the Rainbow” about

We’ve all made the mistake of continuing relationships with those who may even deliberately lower our self-esteem or force us to see the world in darker colors than it really is. Think about who surrounds you now! Do not let people who communicate only from a position of their own benefit take advantage of you and ruin your life. Such a serious and strong message is embedded in the songs of the inimitable Andrey Pyrokinesis.

The author of the song tells a sad story of misunderstanding in a relationship with his beloved. The beloved, desired girl becomes a real drug for the hero. And although he understands that this connection is destructive and will lead nowhere, he nevertheless allows it to develop further. The author reinforces the description of a painful relationship with his beloved by comparisons with examples from the classics of world literature. The soulful text, together with pleasant music, gives a feeling of the eternal and beyond.

Many fans of this artist’s work put forward their theories about the meanings and references:

What does the rap artist call for in his track:

  • Trying to fill your environment with adults who truly understand what they really want in life.
  • Avoid unstable people, those who take your strength and time and only waste your life resource.
  • When you are surrounded by holistic, joyful individuals, and not people who only bring negativity, your life will sparkle with fresh, bright colors.

The secret of wide popularity: the meaning of the song “Colors of the Rainbow”

Andrey’s brilliant composition reminds his fans of the destructive power of passion, which, as a result of the predominance of feelings over reason, does not allow an adequate perception of reality. Respect, community of interests, mutual complementation are the foundations of a happy relationship. The rest is not about love.

The unhealthy devotion of a lyrical hero is like a jump into the abyss, in which the girl dear to him is already doing whatever she wants with him, but this does not stop him. The hero is supported by faith in the established close communication. Although it gives euphoria, at the same time it destroys. The author of the song recalls the impossibility of lovers, but very different people, to build long-term relationships that enrich each other.

The girl as a symbol of affection reminds listeners of the irreparable harm of drugs. The author compares them with the heavy and destructive treatment of people dear to the heart. As in the state of falling in love in a destructive relationship, by taking another dose, a person lets into his life an illusory feeling of happiness, a temporary and deceptive sense of the beauty of the world. Indeed, in fact, he simply falls into the power of a big deception, realizing over time that drugs, like inharmonious relationships, do not bring anything good with them.

The author and performer of the song “Colors of the Rainbow” hints at the need to rethink what hinders our happiness. Fans have long been waiting for the original video from Andrey for a wonderful song. A piece of music deserves the attention of listeners with its unique imagery and poetry. Undoubtedly, everyone in it will find answers to their actual life questions and will see their own, unique meaning in the songs.