Devon Larratt
Birth date24 April 1975
Full nameDevon Larratt
Kind of activityarmwrestler
Height168 cm
Weight102 kg
Marital statusmarried
Social networks

Devon Larratt is an outstanding arm wrestler from Canada. It is interesting for fans of arm wrestling due to its impressive endurance and sports parameters. One of the most media athletes in arm wrestling, as he periodically shines in various power challenges on the channels of sports YouTubers in North America.

Biography of Devon Larratt: a short “Wikipedia”

The athlete was born in the Canadian city of Victoria on April 24, 1975. He was brought up and grew up on a farm and already at the age of 4 years he was conducting comic fights in his arms with his grandmother. Then he participated in the battles in the special forces and in the oil fields in the west of the country. There is no information about the formation of Devon. It is known that from his youth, he devoted most of his time to sports activities and training. Some foreign sources report that initially the guy could not decide on the regime for a long time, so he was rather thin and weak.

Devon Larratt photo

Against the background of rivals, Devon Larratt stands out with an impressive growth, which is 1.96 m. By the age of 33, the man gained the necessary pace and experience. In 2008, he gained worldwide fame due to the victory over the outstanding armwrestler John Brzenk. Then there were operations on the elbow joints of both hands, after which he became the absolute champion in the 2015-2017 WAL series of fights. 125 kg is the maximum weight with which Devon enters the table.

Devon Larratt: author’s armwrestling training

Armwrestling fans in Russian-speaking territory were most interested in the success of the armwrestler before his fight against Denis Tsyplenkov in 2018. The only mention of Larratt in the Russian version of Wikipedia is in the article about the Ukrainian champion. In his interview before the fight, Devon said that he trains with special effort – he eats a lot and spends all the time in the gym. However, the long-awaited fight of the armwrestlers ended, fortunately for Tsyplenkov’s fans, with his victory. The Canadian lost 6-0.

A special approach in the training of an athlete is a set of author’s rules:

Keep entries in a diary – note your regimen, approaches, muscle reactions, and also describe the weaknesses and strengths of the planned opponent. All this needs to be carefully analyzed.

Devon Larratt arm

Eat plenty and don’t limit yourself to proteins. Devon Larratt practices a hearty meal right before bed.

Know your rate of muscle fiber oxidation. According to experts, Larratt’s biceps have approximately 82% OMF (oxidative muscle fibers), which allows you to achieve the desired efficiency.

The approach to the training process of an armwrestler is so intense that not every athlete can stand it. Thanks to this attitude, Devon has earned the nickname “no limits”, which means the absence of any restrictions, including fighting styles – he wins with both hands in any kind of fights.

Devon Larratt’s wife and children

The personal biography of the armwrestler is also quite remarkable – Larratt is happily married and has three children. His wife’s name is Judy and she is a professional actress. She has more than two dozen films to her credit. She also actively uses social networks, where she shares the latest family news. In addition, there is a family channel on YouTube, founded in 2011, but the first video was published in the spring of 2020 during the period of self-isolation.

Devon Larratt arm

Devon has two sons, Milo and Oden, and a daughter, Abri. All the guys from an early age followed in the footsteps of their mother – they all act in films. For example, the eldest son became famous for his participation in the 2016 biographical drama Willpower. And in the family melodrama Fairytale Christmas, both the wife and the daughter of Devon Larratt starred at once.

Devon Larratt now

On Instagram, the armwrestler quite often publishes fresh posts: he demonstrates the volume of biceps and talks about joint training with novice athletes. He is also involved in the advertising campaigns of some brands. And according to the abundant daily stories, you can completely follow how the day of the famous armwrestler goes.