Nurlan Saburov's wife
Full nameDiana Saburova (Abisheva)
Marital statusmarried
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Diana Saburova is the wife of one of the most famous stand-up artists in Russia and Kazakhstan, Nurlan Saburov. The character and characteristics of the girl became known from the speeches of her husband.

Biography of Diana Saburova

The future wife of a humorist was born in an interracial family. Date of birth and exact age unknown.

Mom Diana Saburova (maiden name – Abisheva) – Russian, dad – Kazakh. The family is simple, the father worked as a school worker. Diana was raised with her younger sister. Relations with parents have always been very warm. There is a lot of discussion around the fact that the girl is a mestizo. It also became the basis for some of her husband’s most successful jokes.

Diana lived and studied in Kazakhstan. On the personal page of the VK, the education column is filled with the Kazakh Agrotechnical University. Whether she graduated or not is unknown. Here the fateful moment of her biography plays a role. During her studies, the student has a stormy romance with Nurlan Saburov, the future conqueror of stand-up. He was also a student at that time and studied in Yekaterinburg.

Nurlan Saburov's wife

The carefree relationship of young people sharply develops into a serious stage. While in class, the guy receives an SMS from the girl with the result of a pregnancy test – “Two Stripes”. This turn of events was not planned. But 21-year-old Nurlan acts like a real man and future parents go to the registry office. Years later, after the head of the family gained popularity, a video from the wedding celebration appeared on YouTube. Diana got married pregnant and at a fairly late date.

In 2012, she becomes the mother of a beautiful daughter named Madina. After 2 years, Nurlan gathers his family and transports him to Moscow, where he receives rapid career growth. 2018 becomes another wonderful period for the Saburovs, as their son Tagir is born. There are no specific dates, details and photos of children on the network. It is also impossible to say exactly how old the young mother is, since information about her date of birth is not distributed.

Saburov’s wife in monologues about her personal life

Diana Saburova, despite her nationality, is very loyal to her husband’s stage monologues. Almost 99% of his stand-up consists of real stories that are connected, among other things, with family relationships. Nurlan tells everyday situations involving Diana. Not afraid to reveal spicy topics, like sex with his wife. The basis for such courage is the high self-irony and sense of humor of the girl. The comedian several times during the interview pointed out that he first tests all the jokes on the second half.

Nurlan’s development as a stand-up artist is based on sarcastic stories of his life with his wife and daughter. Diana appears in his descriptions as a stupid, typical woman, sometimes a quick-tempered and jealous wife. However, behind the scenes and in conversations with reporters, the comedian explains that this is just humor. The artist, on occasion, does not skimp on compliments. He says that he loves his wife very much for her smile, beauty, tenderness and support. Harmony is maintained through healthy relationships.

Nurlan Saburov's wifeThe Saburov family on a romantic trip

Unlike Nurlan’s verified Instagram, where there are purely working posts, Diana keeps her page a little livelier. True, she began to do this literally in 2019. Prior to this period, there is rare activity in the profile. The girl’s Instagram does not contain deep personal stories. Nice photos from the travels of the Saburovs are posted there.

From the social network, the public learned that in the summer of 2018, Diana lost her father. Subscribers express their condolences and note her special resemblance to her father. Assessing the overall family picture, fans write that the sister of the comedian’s wife is more like a mother and grandmother.

How does the wife of a stand-up artist live now

A married couple often travels abroad for vacations. While the children are small, the parents travel together, leaving the heirs with a nanny. Diana and Nurlan spent the beginning of February 2020 in historical Italy. The girl’s Instagram is full of shots from the trip, which are especially memorable.

The profile of Saburov’s wife also contains a large number of saved stories with detailed recipes. The girl cooks well and shares the secrets of preparing simple and mouth-watering treats. He expresses his love for cooking with posts with lists of cozy cafes and restaurants in the countries where the couple spent their vacation time.

Nurlan Saburov's wife


Iana continues to raise her children and devote herself to her family. There is no information about professional activity in her biography. It is known that the girl does not plan to stop at 2 children and dreams of being a mother of at least 4 successors of the family. Nurlan is actively working, goes on big tours with concerts and entertains listeners with stories about his wife and life.

Photo source: Instagram of the wife of the popular comedian Diana Saburova.