Dom Fenison was born in September 1992 which means he is currently aged 30. His birthplace is Los Angeles, California, and he still lives there today. 

Dom is of mixed descent: His mother is Caucasian while his father is of African American descent.

Dom received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Western Governors University, Millcreek, Utah.

Since February 2022, Dom Fenison has been in a romantic relationship with Chanel West Coast.

Dom Fenison’s Career and Earnings

Dom Fenison has 2 jobs. On the one hand he is a Real Estate Broker and on the other hand he does modeling work and monetizes his popularity through social media.

Time PeriodPositionCompany
Before July 2019Real Estate AgentUnspecified Real Estate Agent in Hancock Park
July 2019 to March 2020Listing CoordinatorDouglas Elliman Real Estate 
April 2020 to September 2021Financial Manager for High Profile ClientsStabler Associates INC
March 2021 to presentReal Estate AgentLicensed with Beverly & Company
September 2021 to presentFounder & Head of AcquisitionsMusic City Accommodations
Dom Fenison’s Resume

Dom’s Fees as Model

Dom Fenison Net Worth

The possibility for modeling came up during Dom’s sophomore year of college when he was spotted while working as a bartender.

As a model, he signed a contract with DT Model Management and featured in a video and several magazines:

  • ‘Let Me Go’ music video by Hailee Steinfeld and Alessa (2017);
  • fall Issue of Period magazine (2020);
  • front Cover of GMARCO magazine (2020);
  • socialite Life’s Male Model Monday (August 2021)*;
  • once had his own skincare company;
  • ended the Giorgio Armani show in the 22nd season**.

*it is rumored Dom

**however, we were unable to verify either claim.

How Has the Overcoat Affected Dom Fenison’s Career and Income?

Dom Fenison Net Worth

Chanel is an American television personality and singer.

For a few years there has been speculation about a possible romantic relationship between Dom Fenison and Chanel West Coast. From Dom’s Instagram posts it appeared that they were having a relationship, but Chanel West Coast was also spotted with guys like rapper Solo Lucci and Rob Dyrdek.

But since Chanel West posted a video in June 2022 to tell the world she is pregnant from Dom Fenison, these rumors have come to rest as this seems to verify that they are serious about staying together. In the meantime we also know they are expecting a girl.

Dom Fenison Actual Net Worth

Social PlatformTotal ViewsSubs  / Followers / Friends
Instagram ?92 400
Youtube 3114
Social Media Reach Dom Fenison

Social media didn’t make him very rich. Such statistics do not make it possible to profitably monetize content. However, the career did not start yesterday, so he was able to find money and become the owner of valuable property. If we abandon the speculation that the man himself gladly supports, then Dom Fenison Net Worth can be valued at $ 400 thousand with the prospect of growth of 20% every year. It’s a lot? Not as much as many thought. It is not enough? No, for this money you can live without unnecessary worries. Dom has never given exact numbers related to his wealth. Don’t expect him to show his cards because it’s not in his best interest.