Singer EGO
Birth date6 July 1988
Full nameEdgar Margaryan Arayikovich
Kind of activitymusician performer
Height186 cm
Weight80 kg
Marital statusmarried
Social networks

EGO (EGO) – a musical artist in the style of rap, pop lyrics, chanson. He fell in love with the audience for soulful texts and a memorable voice timbre.

Singer EGO: biography

The life of the singer began in Armenia on July 6, 1988. But before school, Edgar Margaryan’s family moved to Russia and settled in Rostov-on-Don. Mom – a teacher of Russian language and literature – from childhood formed her son’s love for poetry. Already at the age of 10, the boy wrote his poems and some prosaic stories. He has a brother Marik, who in the future became the concert director of the rapper.

After school, Edgar graduated from college and university in the direction of management and advertising. However, the received profession did not take a special place in the biography of the musician. In 2007, the guy passed the casting and successfully performed at the National Star competition. This was the starting point in the singer’s career. His talent was noticed by the Muz-TV channel and then the first fan base appeared.

The listeners did not have to remember the data about the name of the performer, since he immediately took the pseudonym EGO. Moreover, Edgar himself in the official VK group dedicated to his work allows writing his stage name as EGO or EGO. Over the years, more than 45 thousand users have subscribed to the page, and almost 57 thousand people follow updates on Instagram. The singer has not yet acquired a separate article on Wikipedia and does not particularly strive for artificial fame – he chooses a bright and honest path in music.

EGO’s Songs

The work of Edgar Margaryan is characterized as soulful rap lyrics with the addition of pop motives and chanson. The performer’s voice sounds languid and often hoarse, which has become a kind of highlight in his works. It is also important here who is a musician by nation – the Armenian accent gives a beneficial charm to the sound. Music critics and the listeners themselves note that EGO songs can always be recognized from the mass of others. Among his tracks you can hear not only lyrical, but also quite dynamic and mischievous compositions.

In total, the artist’s musical biography includes about a hundred songs and three albums, which were released in 2016-2017. At the start of his career, the musician founded his YouTube channel, where in 2012 he published the first video with a live performance of the song “You’re not to blame, I’m not to blame either.” It was followed by story videos for hits. Since then, the clips of the singer EGO have been gaining up to 5-6 million views, and the video for the 2016 hit “Not with me” has reached 20 million viewers.

Particularly popular tracks include “She is the bomb”, “My hooligan”, “Night over the city” and about a dozen more songs. Texts for all compositions were written personally by Edgar Margaryan. There is even a separate group with EGO quotes on the VK social network, where excerpts of words are published. When asked by subscribers about the meaning they put into their works, the singer replied that these were all lived moments of his biography, his real feelings and thoughts.

Personal life: wife and daughter of the singer EGO

Edgar was born into an international family, where his father is Armenian, and his mother is Russian by nationality. According to the same principle, the performer’s own family was formed – he married a Russian blond girl. In 2018, a daughter, Svetlana, was born in marriage, and on March 23, 2020, EGO posted a photo with a girl in honor of her second birthday. He quite often shares photos of his wife and child on social networks, where he always speaks of loved ones with tenderness and care.

Before meeting with his wife, the musician had a long relationship – 3-4 years. He talks about this in stories, answering questions from the audience. Edgar notes that he did not have fleeting and insignificant novels, and he transfers all the experience of former passions into poetry and music. Also, many listeners are concerned about the reaction of EGO’s wife to such deep and frank lyrics of his songs. But here the singer is sure that his beloved woman is understanding, and she feels the line and does not interfere in her husband’s work.

Promotion of Edgar Margaryan now

In 2020, Edgar Margaryan continues to record songs that quickly shoot – judging by the number of views and comments on YouTube. The clips of the singer EGO for the tracks “Don’t Cry” and “Ay Aman” especially “went”. In August, the premiere of the new hit “Sit Down, I’ll Ride” took place, a promo for which the performer recorded at his home. He also said that the planned tour schedule is expanding to several cities.