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Full nameEvan Hafer
Kind of activitybusinessman
Marital statusmarried
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Evan Hafer is a former Special Operations soldier and entrepreneur who created his own brand of coffee. He is the owner of the Black Rifle Coffee Company. The man became very popular on YouTube and social networks. He talks about his military past, the peculiarities of business development, the secrets of good coffee. In addition to a large income, it brings him millions of views.

Biography: Short Wiki

Evan was born in Idaho in 1977 (the businessman will not specify his birthday for privacy reasons). He grew up in a simple loving family. He often went camping with his father and grandfather. They lived near the mountains, so the family had picnics in the mountains on weekends. Their constant companions were thermoses with coffee.

As a teenager, Hafer was a bully. He constantly found himself adventures, which sometimes ended in trouble. One of the traditions of men in his family was military service. Evan is no exception. After high school, he served in the National Guard. This helped the guy gather his thoughts and become more reasonable.

After the first stage of service, Evan Hafer decided to graduate. In 2000 he graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Political Science and Government. After that, he gave 15 years of service to his homeland. He served in various positions in the US military, including the 19th Special Forces Group and the CIA.

Evan Hafer military service

Military Service and the Success of the Coffee Business

Evan often reminisces about his military past. He can’t tell many things because he often did secret military missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. Hafer is fluent in French and Thai. This knowledge could be useful to him in the army.

After 15 years of working for the government in troubled spots, the coffee drinker felt that his morale was deteriorating. At the age of 35, he had no wife and children, he had vast experience in difficult military operations. Soon he met the woman he loved and did not want to leave home anymore. He was tired of such a life and in 2014 he retired.

In the same year, Evan opened a coffee shop with fellow workers. The man earned a decent pension, so he had the opportunity to invest in business. He chose a military theme for marketing. Hafer also launched a company on social networks and began to talk in detail about the army and coffee on Instagram and YouTube. The man became a blogger, which attracted millions of customers to the Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Evan Hafer coffee

Wife and Children

The businessman has a wife. They got married around 2011. Evan’s beloved woman is called Kate Hafer. Followers of the coffee mogul’s personal page often see his family posts. The couple have two daughters, who are approximately 6 and 9 years old. The eldest daughter has already begun to master firearms. The father is not very happy about this, but he tries not to limit her in her hobbies. He often goes hunting, so the children’s interest in their father’s hobby is natural.

Evan Hafer wife and children

Kate Hafer is part of the Black Rifle Coffee Company team. Most likely she does not have a position, but she constantly helps her husband in doing business. The woman maintains an active lifestyle. In the spring of 2022, she made her first parachute jump.

Evan Hafer Now

The man continues the business. He is in charge of marketing, but he tries to spend most of his time with his family. His company is constantly helping veterans of the armed forces and the police. A lot of money goes to charity. In 2022, Evan Hafer personally and Black Rifle Coffee Company supported Ukraine.

The annual turnover of the coffee company exceeds $10 million. Evan can put up to $1 million a year in his pocket, so his net worth is probably approaching the $10 million mark.