Falicia Blakely Net Worth
Full nameFalicia Blakely
Kind of activitydancer, serving a sentence in jail
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Falicia’s story isn’t an easy one to digest let alone wrap one’s head around. It is not easy to find out what really happened. One, because it happened quite some time ago, in the nineties, when the internet was still in its infancy and the event left few traces on the internet, and two, because we have to rely on the judgment of the courts, the stories of those that knew Falicia, and on her own story, which might conflict.

Can we trust the narration of a person who murdered in cold blood?

Falicia Blkely generated a lot of supporters. People who sympathize with the 16 – 19 year old girl she was at the time, feeling unloved and nowhere at home and because of it an easy prey for the manipulations of Michael Berry aka ‘Big Dino’.

We want to give you the truth and that is challenging in this case. We can describe what others have said that supposedly happened, but it’s impossible for us to find out what is true and what not, beyond a doubt.

Falicia Blakely Actual Net Worth

Most sources agree that Falicia Blakely’s net worth is as high as $8 million. This is a very generous assessment. We can’t give her more than $1 million in total capital. There are a number of reasons for this, which lie in her life story, earnings, imprisonment.

How the Woman Made Money and Lost It

Falicia was born around the year 1983. She originated from an underprivileged social background, (which is undeniably the case). Her father was a drug addict and convict and often resided in jails. She was living with her mother but according to Falicia and witnesses her mom was quite absent emotionally and more engaged with her love affairs than with her daughter. It’s not hard to see that the girl Falicia did not feel particularly loved by her parents.

At the age of 16 Falicia got into pole dancing as a way to make a living and it is in that milieu she met the pimp Big Dino. According to the book ‘A Treacherous Hustle’ and the movie ‘When Love Kills’, Falicia was susceptible to Big Dino’s manipulations because she craved real love. She had had one meaningful relationship with a man before that point who eventually disbanded the relationship and disappeared. 

During this period, to make things even more complicated, she also delivered her son, who was 2 years old when she became jailed. Just like Falicia’s mother couldn’t be there for her daughter, Falicia, as a teenage mother, also failed to be there for her son, whom she called ‘man’. It’s Falicia’s mother who watched over man when Falicia went pole dancing.

The seeming care and dedication that Big Dino surrounded her with had a strong effect on her. So strong that in the end she even was prepared to kill in order to not lose his love.

And that’s what happened. Big Dino respectively manipulated her into prostitution, theft and finally murder.

In 2002 Falicia Blakely got sentenced to 3 lifetimes imprisonment for life without chance for parole. The prosecutor has asked for the death penalty but because Falicia pleaded guilty it was overturned to life in prison.

Big Dino never got prosecuted for murder himself although he directed Falicia in every step she made and took all the money. The girl was his puppet on a string.

Did Felicia Make Money from Prison?

Falicia Blakely Net Worth

Falicia’s net worth before she was jailed is measured at approximately $ 200 000, earned from prostitution and robbery, but after having been sentenced to 3 lifetimes of emprisonment and having effectively spent 20 years behind bars, her fortune is now measured at $ 50 000. In the US inmates who work in prison earn very little. Maybe she received some money from the movie and book based on her life story and probably earns some money from her book Life after Life which relates her experiences in prison.