Feras Antoon is a Syrian by birth who migrated with his parents to Canada. He graduated engineering in Montreal.

At the start of the 2000’s he stepped into the porn industry with a few fellow engineering graduates. They tapped into the success and growth of the internet and created Brazzers which focused on MILF. MILF is porn centered on older women. Further down the line Brazzers expanded into YouPorn before selling off the company to Fabian Thylmann. Feras however kept working as CEO and became owner again after Thylmann got prosecuted for tax evasion and re-sold the company to Feras among others. By that time the name had been changed from Brazzers to Mindgeek.

Feras Antoon Net Worth in 2023

Despite all the scandals and unpleasant stories over the 20 years of his career, the man was able to earn huge capital. He is a millionaire and remains so even in 2023. He owns a capital of 5 million dollars. Antoon retired, but this money is definitely enough for him to provide a beautiful life for himself and his family.

Has the PornHub Scandal Affected Feras Antoon’s Net Worth?

Feras Antoon Net Worth

Mindgeek has been criticized for not doing enough to remove content that goes against the TOS of PornHub, and they have been accused of negligence with the ulterior motivation of even profiting financially from such content. Some believe that he was able to earn good money from this. This hasn’t been proven though.

Be that as it may, as a result, his capital became less than it could be. Fanatics burned down his unfinished mansion. Real estate is a very serious investment. If this had not happened, Feras Antoon’s net worth would have exceeded $10 million.

The criticism started years ago but got to a head in 2022 when CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo left the company.

The Critics

  • People who feel harmed by the site:
  • people who acted in videos who regret them
  • people who are unwittingly and unwillingly acting in videos uploaded by others and wanting to take them down

These people feel the company did not do enough to help them.

  • Anti- sexual abuse groups

These criticize the ease of which exploitative content can be uploaded to the site and the lack of action by PornHubs moderation team. This criticism goes so far as to accuse MindGeek of endorsing said content because it brings in revenue due to the monetization system.

  • Religious groups who are anti porn

North America is rife with fanatical Christian groups who constantly crusade against abortion, science based history classes, ‘woke indoctrination’, liberalism, lgtbqi rights etc because for them truth is what the bible says. Even though human nature seems to need sexuality, they condemn it if it happens outside of procreation within mariage and certainly pornography does not fit into their doctrines.

Antoon mentioned that he is getting treats from all kinds of groups, including religious fanatics. He blamed them for the burning down of his nearly completed lavish mansion in the suburban Montreal Bois-de-Saraguay nature park. However, it has not been proven who committed the arson attack on his house and it could also have risen  out of environmental motives as the former owner of the plot on which Feras mansion is being build legally blocked an effort of the local community to protect the Bois-de-Saraguay forest by creating what they called an eco-corridor. 

The Supporters

  • Groups that represent sex workers and defend their rights, like for example, the Adult Performance Artists Guild, defended the existence of PornHub in that it provides the income for thousands of sex workers who otherwise risk ending up in precarious financial situations. They call on the individual right of adults to engage in anything if it is between consenting adults and not harmful to outsiders. These groups do support more efficient content moderation but want to guard the longevity of platforms like PornHub
  • The many happy users of PornHub who feel that porn is a necessity for them to balance their sexual life

The facts

  • exploitative and underage content is a fraction of the 10 million visits the site gets each day. Moderation of such a huge amount is not easy.
  • PornHub did not address content complaints fast nor efficient as videos kept on being uploaded and remained online for months and even years after the first demand they received to take them down.
  • willingly or unwillingly, PornHub made a lot of money on exploitative content too, besides the legitimate content.
  • the puritan nature of North American culture might play a role in participants of videos being condemned, called out and bullied for their participation by their surroundings and the feelings of shame this generates.
  • clearly the owners of pornhub value money, which makes accusations that they value money more than moral integrity and empathy towards users who feel harmed credible, certainly in the light of the fact that they did not solve the issues for so many complainants while it technically should be possible to do much better than they did.