The project of Galibri and Mavik refreshed the summer of 2021 with the hit “Federico Fellini”. The guys with original foreign names interested the public. It turned out that they are Russian guys who have long been their own in the musical field. We managed to find some information about their life and biography.

Who are Galibri and Mavik

Producer Yevgeny Trukhin hid under the pseudonym Galibri. The nickname Mavik was taken by the sound producer Alexander Fomenkov. The etymology of pseudonyms remains not entirely clear. It seems that there were no secret meanings in them. A couple of experienced producers approached the naming more pragmatically, hanging some kind of intrigue.

 Galibri and Mavik
Евгений (Galibri) Трухин

Alexander and Eugene were not heard by the general public until 2021. But in musical circles, their ambitions have long been known. Suffice it to say that they produced and filmed videos for Khabib. “Malinka Berry” came out from under the pen of Galibri. Evgeny Trukhin wrote this composition, and thanks to the efforts of Alexander Fomenkov, millions of viewers were able to appreciate the video for this provocative song. A similar story happened with the hits of Klav Kok & Niletto – “Crash”, Vavan & Noggano – “Not a crown.

 Galibri and Mavik
Евгегий (Mavik) Фоменков

Biography of Eugene and Alexander

Details of the biography of the musicians remain behind the scenes. They have always been on the sidelines of popularity. Having accumulated sufficient experience, Sasha and Zhenya decided to shoot on their own. They succeeded 100%. If the first track “Two Rivers” at the end of 2020 was distributed to a greater extent on social networks, then “Federico Fellini” hit all the tops and not only in Russia.

In social networks, musicians do not disclose data on the date of birth, educational institutions, hometowns. Soon these data will be made public, because popularity obliges artists to give fans some food for conversation.

Galibri and Mavik hit it off while working with established young artists. FOMENKOF Music and BAYAN MUSIC studios help many beginning musicians. Some have already made a name for themselves (Khabib, Vavan), and some are still climbing the stairs of glory (Samedli).

Personal life

Evgeny Trukhin keeps his Instagram as secret as possible. There is only room for work. Do not buy into the first references about Zhenya that come across. Most likely you will find details of the life of his full namesake – the ex-bassist of Nerva.

Alexander Fomenkov does not hide his life. He is married and the happy couple have a daughter. From the musician’s Instagram, it is easy to find out that his wife’s name is Svetlana, and his daughter is Sasha. Beautiful posts dedicated to the family speak of Alexander as a loving husband and father.

Zhenya Galibri and Sasha Mavik now

Producers are actively working on the promotion of artists. But their solo success pushed the musicians to develop. When Federico Fellini’s song gained millions of plays, they rolled out a bright and interesting video, not letting the public cool down.

For a long time, the plans of Eugene and Alexander remained misunderstood. Knowing their baggage of acquaintances, one could expect a fit with someone of their popular young performers. However, the guys rolled out the track “Barefoot”. If this composition can repeat the success of its predecessor, then the Galibri and Mavik project should become a long-term duo.