In this article we will relate the background and story of Garrett Adelstein to you.

Mind you, we are not very knowledgeable about poker so we won’t go into detail about his particular achievements within the game. But we can tell you about his actual net worth, successes and failures from a general perspective.

How Did He Get Rich?

Yes, Garrett has been (very) successful in poker. But first a bit about his background. We do not know much. It seems Garrett likes to guard his privacy. What we know is that he currently lives in Manhattan Beach, California with his wife Jennifer Stutland. He was born and raised in Tucson Arizona and got his final degree, Summa Cum Laude with Honors, at The University of Arizona.

Source of Income

Poker has been Garrett Adelstein’s main career and the centerstage of his stardom. During his college years he started playing poker as a hobby. And a few years later, as an adult, he worked as a poker coach at Phil Galfond’s poker academy ‘Run It Once’. From 2017 onward he started being visible in live poker events. Eventually he became a much wanted player to be featured and did so in many shows: ‘Live at the Bike’, ‘Poker After Dark’, the Nick Vertucci Show, Bally’s Big Bet PokerTV Show, the Hustler Casino Live Stream, Season 9 of High Stakes’ Poker and many more. He is popular because he plays well, plays daring, and has won lots of games and lots of money. He is known for big bets, an aggressive playstyle and taking risks. 

This is an extremely complicated topic and is still open-ended. On September 29 poker newbie Robbi Lew made a highly surreal call that made her cash-in $269,000 at the expense of poker specialist Garrett Adelstein. Her move was highly surreal in the sense that the chance that she could win by enacting this move was extremely small statistically. No sane poker player would risk their money making such an illogical move. Hence Garrett was immediately convinced Robbi was cheating. Her comments when confronted did not help her either and even made his suspicion worse.

Did He Make Money With Survivor?

Garrett Adelstein also made a notable appearance on CBS’s Survivor: Cagayan. Initially he made an impressive achievement by finding the hidden immunity doll already at Day 1, underwater. But despite this promising start he was the second person to be voted off, at Day 6, even though he had the doll.

How Much Is Garrett Adelstein Worth in 2023?

$10 million and up net worth is our estimate, largely from playing poker and related media appearances.

Does Social Media Add to Garrett’s Finances?

No he does not earn with social media but he does have some presence. Instagram: 3645 followers. Advertisers are not interested in such a platform to promote their goods and services.

Did Robbi Cheat to Increase His Net Worth?

Poker specialists, players and fans have been trying to analyze whether Robbi was indeed cheating. As of now the opinions are highly divided.

Two facts made the story extra weird:

  • Right after her grand call on September 29, Lew returned her gains back to Adelstein, to the extreme dismay of her poker buddy Rip who went aggressive towards the Hustler employees about it.
  • On Oct 7 Hustler tweeted that they had found out an employee took $15 000 from Robbi’s chips right after the match, which made analysts assume he was in it (part of the cheat setup).

To add to the confusion, Robbi made a lot of contradictory statements in the weeks after. What she said later on contradicts what she said right after the event. At first she said she gave up her gains voluntarily, afterward she accused Garrett of threatening her to return the money. Also her downplaying of the fact that the accused employee took $15000 from her stack leaves much to be desired.  In general she acts as if she doesn’t care about the money. Mind you, we are talking about a huge amount here.

Probably we will never know for certain what happened because of how difficult it is to prove cheating.