Giorgia Gabriele Biography
Birth date1 January 1985
Full nameGiorgia Gabriele
Kind of activitymodel
Height180 cm
Weight55 kg
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Giorgia Gabriele is an Italian model and the founder and designer of the fashion brand Wandering. Known as an Instagram star and former lover of the Italian “dancing millionaire” Gianluca Vacchi.

Giorgia Gabriele Biography

The future celebrity was born in the Italian city of Sora in 1985. The girl from childhood was fond of dancing, although she did not do it professionally. However, this hobby played a big role in her later life.

Giorgia Gabriele model

Georgia studied finance and business at a university in Rome. But she preferred dancing to a career in business. After successful filming in a television show, Georgia immediately became famous, she gained a lot of fans.

The most striking and representative among them was the extravagant Gianluca Vacchi, who had the original nickname “the dancing millionaire.” Judging by this nickname, Gianluca loves to dance and he was lucky to find a suitable partner for himself.

Giorgia Gabriele in Instagram

Giorgia became an Instagram star after dancing with Gianluca. The millionaire himself has long turned his own lifestyle into a brand, he constantly posted photos of all his adventures and just everyday activities on the network.

But the video dances with Giorgia Gabriele brought him the greatest fame. These videos gained millions of views, both in Italy and abroad. It was the dance numbers that attracted new fans to the page of a prominent man and stirred up interest among old subscribers.

Giorgia Gabriele fashion

Therefore, he gained worldwide fame thanks to his beautiful romance with Giorgia Gabriele and hot dancing. After photos and videos of incendiary dances, the number of subscribers to the channel of the Italian millionaire increased 4 times, to 12 million.

Although Giorgia Gabriele was 18 years younger than her chosen one, they were a wonderful and harmonious couple. The millionaire works out every day and takes spa treatments. This helps him to maintain youth and youthful enthusiasm. According to him, dancing helps to keep fit and is a great alternative to sports.

In addition, as Giorgia Gabriele told, her chosen one, despite his age, is young at heart and retains a boyish fantasy.

Giorgia herself also has her own Instagram channel, where she posts her photos and videos. The Italian loves dogs, she has a cute dog Aldo.

Why Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele Broke Up

Gianluca Vacchi has long earned a reputation as a womanizer, he had numerous novels with various beauties. However, the relationship with Giorgia Gabriele was the longest and strongest. “The Dancing Millionaire” called her his muse and wife. He even tattooed “Ti amo mia” (“I love you, mine”) on his palm in her honor.

Giorgia Gabriele personal life

However, the couple did not officially marry. On the contrary, after several happy years, they parted.

What was the reason for the breakup? It is not known for sure. It is possible that Gianluca was never going to propose to his girlfriend or his new romance. With a new passion named Sharon Fonseci, who is 7 years younger than Georgia, a prominent rich man has been dating since 2018. The couple already have a son, Matteo, who was born on July 30, 2020.

Giorgia Gabriele Now

After breaking up with Gianluca Vacchi, the beautiful dancer began dating another man, Andrea Grili, director of the fashion brand Marcelo Burlon. The couple had a son in 2019. But Gabriele herself is now putting her knowledge of finance into practice, she is developing and promoting her own fashion brand.

Giorgia Gabriele nude

The girl has already demonstrated her collection of designer clothes in Milan and Paris. By the way, the designer herself prefers strict colors: red, white and black.