The song-prayer Gopala Gokula Vallabhi is part of the book Prachina sampradaya hai bhajan, which is dedicated to the chanting of Indian deities. Experts often cite the legendary translator of the Ramayana, Goswami Tulsidas, as the original source of this mantra.

There are many sensual performances of Gopala Gokula Vallabhi on the Internet. Fans of singing the names of the Almighty highly appreciated the performance of Bombay Jayashree and Prince Rama Varma. Modern listeners do not always know the meaning of the text of this mantra. The deep message encoded in the mantra should interest art connoisseurs around the world.

Gopala Gokula Vallabhi Lyrics

The original lyrics of the song are in Tamil. It can be found in Prachina sampradaya hai bhajan. This is not a modern epic. The first mention of Gopala Gokula Vallabhi dates back to the 16th century, so Tulsidas is considered its author and composer. He translated the Ramayana into Hindi and wrote several works based on its plot.

Below we offer a Latin transliteration of the text Gopala Gokula Vallabhi, which is sung by modern musicians. They often miss a few lines – the original mantra has 4, not 3 verses.

Gopala Gokula Vallabhi lyrics meaning

The real value of these lines can be understood only after their translation and study of the meaning.

Gopala Gokula Vallabhi Meaning

The mantra is dedicated to the praise of Krishna (to be more precise, one of his forms Gopala-Krishna). The English version of the song looks something like this

Gopala Gokula Vallabhi lyrics meaning

Each line sings of the beauty and majesty of Gopal Krishna. It has a deep religious meaning for Hindus. The singing of such songs is an important part of the religious cult.

In the first verse, the author draws attention to the external beauty of Gopala-Krishna and how much all the girls are in love with him. Tulsidas then proceeds to honor the high moral character of the deity. According to the version of this song, the little shepherd has an incredible mind, noble qualities and compassion.

The third and fourth verses similarly describe the beauty of the deity. The author focuses on small details, such as curly hair, lovely eyebrows and a face.

The meaning of this song lies in the ancient beliefs of the Hindus. They must show respect and admiration for God. It is very important to show not only the external but also the internal qualities of Krishna.

Why is the raga dedicated to Gopala Krishna? This is characteristic of Hinduism, especially its main direction – Vaishnavism. The key tradition of this denomination is the honoring of the cult of Vasudeva-Krishna and Gopala-Krishna, which developed in the 7th-4th centuries BC. The Vaishnava tradition is known for its loving devotion to an avatar of Vishnu (often Krishna).

Disclaimer: We respect all religions and stand for religious freedom. If you find inaccuracies in the description of some religious dogmas, please let us know. Since Gopala Gokula Vallabhi can be considered a prayer, understanding its meaning may depend on the personal experiences and aspirations of the believer.