Hensy is a musician
Birth date28 February 1994
Full nameAlexander Kogan
Kind of activitymusician
Height185 cm
Weight62 kg
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Hensy is a young rapper with a lyrical style. He is the author and performer of the 2020 summer hit “It hurt and passed.”

Hensy: biography of Alexander Kogan

A young and rather secretive musician for some time preferred not to disclose the details of his biography. Only the real name of the singer is known for certain – Sasha Kogan. By the way, he is the full namesake of another artist – Alexander Kogan, winner of the Golden Gramophone award in 2013 and 2014. Over time, data appeared on the network about the date and place of birth – February 28, 1994, the small town of Zainsk in Tatarstan.

All articles about Sasha’s biography say that he grew up without a father. Where this assertion comes from is unknown. In his few interviews, the performer talks about parents in a full context. It was they who, feeling the creative potential of their son, sent him to all kinds of circles and classes. Kogan spent all his childhood in equestrian sports, tennis, dance and choir sections. Participated in theatrical productions, sang and danced on stage on City Day in a folk ensemble.


With age, tastes in music changed, and the dance style went into street directions – break and hip-hop. The authorship of future own songs originated from the writing of poems that remained on notebook sheets and are now carefully kept by my grandmother. After the school of the future, the musician did not enter the university, but went to Moscow. In the capital, he managed to work in different places. He talks about his first working day as a call center operator with a smile – he could only endure a few hours of such labor.

What does singer Hensi sing about?

Conquering Moscow, Alexander Kogan was in search of himself. In 2019, he was inspired by a beat he overheard and quickly wrote lyrics to. The resulting composition found a good response from the audience and then the singer seriously took up music. In addition to poetry, he advanced as a beatmaker – he independently recorded songs for his first album “TRIPLETRIP”.

Music for the soul – this is the slogan chosen by the singer in promotion. The second album of the rapper received the same name. The pseudonym Hensy was taken from one of the songs of his favorite band. According to the performer, the prototype was a hero named Hensi, who went crazy in impulses of creativity. The debut album immediately set the bar in the genre – soulful hip-hop lyrics, simple and romantic lyrics, deep and pleasant sound, without vulgarity and obscenity. About love.


The track “It hurt and passed”, which started at the end of May 2020, became a real breakthrough. In a matter of days, the song scattered on TikTok, and a month later it overtook Morgenstein himself in the VK top, taking first place. By the way, VK became a springboard for Alexander Kogan – it was here that the first audience of his admirers was formed. The composition became a leader in search engines for music platforms and even entered the Shazam chart. Hensy emotionally shares all this with fans on his Instagram and Vkontakte.

Alexander Kogan: personal life

A rather active, relaxed and pleasant-looking guy, according to open information, is free. He is strenuously making his way in the music industry, so he simply does not find time to arrange personal relationships. He is already provided with crowds of fans, judging by the video from the first solo concerts in clubs – hundreds of girls, bursting, shouting “It hurt and passed” from the dance floor.


Hensi has not yet chosen a person for his soul, but he has found an important friend for life – a dog of the husky breed. A white funny puppy accompanies him on short stories and causes even more tenderness and admiration for the performer.

Hensy now

After a successful take-off in the summer of 2020, Alexander Kogan continues to excite listeners with new snippets. Now fans are waiting for the songs “I Believe” and “Bonfire”. At the same time, he actively shares his favorite remixes of his hit “It hurt and passed.” And special sites analyze the sequence of chords, mode and beat of the track. As of September, the song is still holding stable positions on the music charts.