Elbert L. Woods (better known by the nickname Ickey) is an American football player who had a successful but brief career as a running back. This brought him fame and money. However, a few years after the end of his career, he had to look for work. Fans wonder how this is possible. Elbert made a lot of money, but how are things today?

How Much Did Ickey Woods Make?

Ickey’s first income was at the College. It was a scholarship for outstanding performance in sports. He spent 3 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals and set many records and received many personal honors. The details of this contract have been kept secret for more than 30 years.

Ickey Woods came to the Cincinnati Bengals as a talented young player. His first salary was not as big as that of experienced football players. In 1988-1991, in the US National Football League, salaries were not what they are today. This is due to inflation and a sharp jump in the cost of players in the last decade. At that time, he was able to earn no more than 600 thousand dollars under the contract. Today, this amount could be $1.5 million.

After an injury, Ickey Woods ended his career. The fixed salary is gone. The accumulated amount began to decrease.

Ickey Woods Net Worth

Ickey Woods net worth

The man was able to overcome difficulties. His incredible talent and athletic performance clearly do not match his net worth. $400,000 is the approximate amount of Ickey Woods’ current savings, property, and cash. This is enough for a decent life. His family does not need money, although they cannot boast of luxurious houses and exclusive cars.

The athlete managed to maintain a worthy net worth thanks to selfless work. He realized that he had no choice, so from the age of 27 he took on any job. For several years he worked as a sales representative. At first he traded in meat, and later in security systems for homes and offices. A successful investment helped him open a flooring shop.

Sports career after the end of the player’s career was limited to several seasons as a coach. In 2006, he was a member of the Cincinnati Marshals coaching staff. For several years, Woods coached the Cincinnati Sizzle women’s team with some success.

Can 400 thousand dollars be considered accurate? With a high probability. This figure is voiced by many online publications.

How Is Ickey Woods Making Money Now?

Ickey Woods net worth

The main source of income for the ex-sportsman is advertising contracts and payment for participation in shows and events. His trademark was the original Ickey Shuffle dance move, which he used to celebrate high-scoring actions on the field. Many footballers still use it today, but Woods is unlikely to have any financial benefit from this. Ickey Shuffle monetization can only generate revenue in the form of advertising contracts. Some of the players can express financial gratitude to their inspirer. However, the free use of the dance move is not prohibited.

Ickey founded the Cincinnati Sizzle Football Club in 2003, which still plays in the Women’s Football League to this day. Elbert was able to successfully sell it to Steve Sherman. The parties did not disclose the amount of the transaction, but she helped Woods replenish his wallet with a good amount.