Rodrigo Alves
Birth date30 July 1983
Full nameRodrigo Alves
Kind of activityrecord holder for plastic surgery, TV presenter, actor
Marital statusunknown
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Rodrigo (Jessica) Alves is a British star with Brazilian origins. She underwent more than 100 procedures to change her appearance, and in 2020 she officially changed her male gender to female.

Biography of Rodrigo Alves: Life Before and After Plastic Surgery

Rodrigo Alves was born on July 30, 1983. After gaining worldwide popularity, he is mistakenly called an American ken, but he is Brazilian in origin with British roots. The father of the outrageous star is a purebred Englishman, and Rodrigo himself was born in Sao Paulo. Only at the age of 19 did he move to London.

The initial reason for the change in appearance was the teenage complex – Rodrigo was teased because of the wide nose. At the age of 21, a young man decided on the first corrections of his face – then he did not even suspect how his life would change before and after plastic surgery. Gradually, the number of surgical and cosmetic procedures increased. Rodrigo Alves’ fanaticism for Barbie dolls and the style of Disney characters is to blame.

Jessica Alves

By 2018, Rodrigo, or “Ken”, as it became customary to call him, already had 50 out of 70 full-fledged plastic surgeries on his account. He changed his nose, cheekbones, eyes, did liposuction and inserted implants everywhere. In addition, the young man, on the way to the ideal image of a “living ken”, experienced blood poisoning and necrosis, but after recovery, he again took up his body. The Brazilian did not even leave his hair aside – he changed the growth line and significantly increased their volume.

According to Wikipedia, Rodrigo Alves gained great popularity in 2018 when he became a member of the British TV show Celebrity Big Brother. Then he openly told the media about his biography: it became known how old “Ken” was and who he worked for before the cardinal metamorphosis of his appearance. Many were interested in where the money for operations came from a simple guy from Brazil. He earned his first surgical interventions as a flight attendant. Later, his financial condition began to be supported by popularity and participation in various shows and programs. Rodrigo Alves even visited Russian TV programs, after which the local media boldly called his body “disfigured.”

Man Rodrigo Alves Became Jessica: Photo

Gradually, the hype around the cartoonish image of the “living ken” subsided – pictures are freely posted on the network that show what Rodrigo was like before plastic surgery. Public interest waned. However, in 2020, a new role of the hero was enchantingly presented on the star’s Instagram – now he is a woman named Jessica. Indeed, once a man shared his new ideology with fans: he finally realized that he always felt the feminine inside. Even as a child, he was attracted by his mother’s outfits and elegant shoes.

Jessica Alves photo

To complete his transformation into a barbie, Rodrigo Alves underwent mammoplasty, several more facial surgeries and hair extensions. The newly minted girl generously shares her photos in a swimsuit with Instagram followers. Long before that, the man removed the ribs to achieve the waist parameters he needed. Now that he’s had a sex change, the surgery has come in handy – in his own opinion and the abundance of bikini shots – Jessica Alves is quite a sexy woman.

Jessica Alves: Boyfriend or Girlfriend

A transgender woman, while still a “living ken”, has always drawn attention to her intimate life. A significant part of the public is confident in the same-sex preferences of the hero. But Rodrigo himself never spoke openly about his love affairs. On Instagram at different times, he posted joint photos with both guys and girls – by the way, they are also plastic lovers.

Jessica Alves

After the sex change and gender definition, Jessica Alves announced planned motherhood. “Live Barbie” seriously talks about how she dreams of becoming a mother – she believes that this is her vocation and the only right goal in life. The goal may be good, but netizens and representatives of various minorities took such a statement with indignation. Twitter is literally filled with messages about Jessica’s mental problems.

Jessica Alves Now

By the fall of 2020, Alves does not lose his popularity in the West – he participates in reality shows, starred in advertising and documentary films, attends photo shoots. The transgender’s Instagram is constantly updated with fresh pictures in a swimsuit, evening dresses and other chic and bright women’s outfits. In the stories, she demonstrates her chic house and you can even see Jessica without photoshop and instamasks. True, this spectacle immediately scatters through the “yellow” publics to the delight of the haters.