Kamila Smogulecka biography
Birth date12 October 1995
Full nameKarolina Smogulecka
Kind of activityblogger, MMA fighter
Height170 cm
Weight57 kg
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Zusje (Kamila Smogulecka) is a mixed martial artist, professional Youtube blogger, content producer, showy model, and singer of Polish origin. She is talented and beautiful, intelligent and successful, and it is no wonder that she managed to win the hearts of fans. In training, she demonstrates miracles of perseverance, in the ring, she shows her courage, and at press conferences, she amazes fans by her shocking behavior. In a short time, the fighter became a favorite of social network users and managed to earn an impressive net worth. Her popularity now extends far beyond the borders of the Motherland – Poland.

Biography: Zusje’s «Wikipedia»

The biography of the outrageous beauty is interesting. The future star was born into a Christian household in Lodz, Poland on October 12, 1995. Her bright appearance suggests thoughts of oriental roots, but it is not known to which parent she owes her colorful appearance.

Kamila (Zusje) Smogulecka Net Worth

It is only known, that one of her grandmothers is from Ukraine. The real name of the spectacular brunette is Carolina, but she prefers the name Zusya Astafieva or Camila more. As you know, the girl was carried away by inventing pseudonyms for herself as early as adolescence. Her colorful appearance and love for outrageous brought her to the stage. As a young 17-year-old girl, Camilla made her debut on stage in Donatana’s video “Nie lubimy robic”. After that, her artistic career begins. The girl was often invited to music videos. Her flamboyant artistry instantly attracted the attention of fans. in 2014, the beauty starred in the movie.

Unfortunately, fame brought the star not only good things. Probably, unable to withstand the intense rhythm, numerous attention, and wide opportunities that opened before her, the girl became addicted to drugs and alcohol. But her mother persuaded her to undergo eight weeks of inpatient therapy in Poland. And rehabilitation did her good, giving impetus to new creative activities. The girl turned to music, and several works appeared on the YouTube channel. 

The girl is not only beautiful and strong but also has a kind heart. She takes great care of some dog shelters.

Zusje MMA Fights and Actual Stats

In 2019, the beauty decided to switch to mixed martial arts. And her first brilliant fight happened in 2020. The girl knows how to attract the public’s attention, showing originality now and then, for example, during the weigh-in before the fight. But her eccentric behavior didn’t help her win. 

However, the girl did not give up, and her second fight was much more successful. After a successful fight, she got into a verbal skirmish with her opponent.

On November 20, 2022, the star, after a significant break, will again enter the ring, where she will meet with another no less beautiful fighter – the Polish blogger Marta Rentel. Fame MMA is a federation that is mainly engaged in fighting among non-professional fighters, but widely known to the audience. So far, the beauty has only one victory on her account, but it is possible that the situation will change soon.

In total, the star of MMA fights has 2 wins and 3 losses.

Kamila (Zusje) Smogulecka Net Worth

Not only the primary source of work provides the star with income. She uses popularity among the audience to earn even more money. The star’s net worth is between $800,000 and $850,000. She also collaborates with several brands, monetizing her popularity. 

Kamila (Zusje) Smogulecka Net Worth

Boyfriend and Hot Photos

The girl is not married, but whether her heart is free is unknown. Fans follow her posts on social networks, but the girl does not disclose details of her personal life either on Tik Tok or Instagram. She gladly publishes hot photos that win the hearts of fans. The girl recently created an account on OnlyFans.

Now beauty is in perfect physical shape. She is five feet eight inches tall and is about 60 kilograms. 

The swarthy blue-eyed brunette has charisma and artistry, which captivates her fans. 

Kamila (Zusje) Smogulecka hot photos

If you want to be successful and popular, there is a lot to learn from Camille. She has a cool and strong character, working hard to develop her own business. Her extravagant antics and gorgeous appearance invariably draw attention to her. Her posts on Instagram and Tik Tok have millions of views. The star sometimes tries to communicate with subscribers in the Ukrainian and Russian languages, because many of her fans are from Russian-speaking countries. But in general, fans of the star from all over the world gather on her page. After all, the star is an interesting example to follow.