Keisha Royce biography
Full nameKeisha Royce
Kind of activitymakeup artist
Height167 cm
Weight58 kg
Marital statusmarried
Social networks

The wonderful Keisha Royce is a well-known makeup artist and owner of an online beauty industry store, selling several products, highly valued by customers worldwide. The star helps women become even more beautiful, improve their appearance and enjoy their joy in the mirror. For this, the makeup artist is so loved by fans. As you know, the star actively advertises his work on social networks. Due to her great talent,  love of work, and understanding of the needs of the public, the star has earned solid capital.


She was born in April 1988. You can easily calculate her age, but you won’t be able to congratulate her on her birthday in time, because she didn’t name the exact day.

The star has just perfect parameters, she could become a model. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 58 kg. Her slender figure has been appreciated by fans. Unfortunately, we do not know as much about her biography as we would like. A Future Star was born in a small town. The girl studied well at school, and then, at the age of 16, she began working in a small cosmetics store. The star realized that she was delighted with the process of applying makeup and creating beauty using various makeup techniques. Therefore, immediately after graduation, the girl entered the school of cosmetology. As a result, the Woman became a professional cosmetologist. The star decided to go into business. And it was a great idea! The girl stubbornly went to success and eventually achieved a lot. Her work is highly regarded by fans worldwide. She can be an example for others.

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The woman enjoys sharing her knowledge in the beauty sphere with women worldwide. She gathered several subscribers on social networks and created a successful online store. as a makeup artist became famous worldwide.

Kisha Royse’s business offers beauty and cosmetics products to customers of all ages. You can buy cosmetics, skincare and hair care products, and perfumes. This company also offers clients several services: consultations on skin care, hair styling and make-up lessons.

The products are sold in different pharmacies, department stores, and on the Internet. The star also sells products in his studio. The Royse projection is very popular among many people worldwide.

The entrepreneur on Instagram @khc_kish has 57.2 THOUSAND subscribers. She likes to post pictures of herself with different makeup ideas. She also talks on Facebook about how she was able to achieve such great success. And fans are circling these stories. Her life path was full of not only success but also difficulties. But she never gave up. Her super work and activity, the talent of a  businesswoman contributed to her fame and success. You can learn more about the star by visiting her website, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter.

Family: Parents, Husband, Children

She is lucky because she has wonderful parents who support her in everything. Her husband is an entrepreneur and sincerely believes in his wife’s success, helping her in any way he can. He is also a cosmetics salesman, so he is very familiar with the products the woman uses. It is known that the woman has two wonderful children. She has a friendly and happy family that is very proud of her.

Keisha Royce family
Keisha Royce with her lovely children

Kisha Royse Net Worth

A creative approach to makeup and a willingness to share their knowledge with others – all this is the secret to the makeup artist’s popularity. Her Net Worth is valued at $15 million. It is also noted that the annual income of a makeup artist and a seller of makeup products is about 800 thousand US dollars. The entrepreneur earns about 66 thousand US dollars per month, and the daily income is about 2200 US dollars. She is a role model for other visages who dream of fame and recognition. She also inspires anyone who wants to do what they love, be creative and make money.

Keisha Royce net worth

Kisha Royse Now

She is a famous person in the makeup and beauty industry. Her net worth is great. She is intelligent, wonderful, successful, and incredibly talented as a makeup artist and famous entrepreneur. The star can be a great role model for those who believe in their dream and stubbornly go to succeed. Talent and effort can be fully rewarded.