Ken Purcell Football Coach
Full nameKen Purcell
Kind of activityfootball coach, author, TV presenter
Marital statusunknown
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Ken Purcell is a former football coach of several high school teams. He achieved high results with his charges and many personal awards. The man also excelled as a sports presenter. He is a favorite of the public and young athletes. Wikipedia undeservedly deprived this experienced coach of attention. There were many interesting twists and turns in his life.

Biography: Age, Education

Ken Purcell is from Texas. He was born in Dalhart. Data on his age differ in different sources. It is possible that neither of them knows the truth. There is an assumption that his date of birth is April 1, 1948. We also found information that he is a little over 60 years old. We are not ready to accept one of the sides.

Little is known about Ken’s childhood and youth. He received a special education and qualified to teach in high school. Almost all of Purcell’s life and career is connected with school sports.

It seems that in his youth, Ken was a football player. He showed good results on the field.

Ken Purcell Football Coach

Career in Football

At first, Ken Purcell was an athletics coach. He later began coaching the high school football teams. Young athletes have always appreciated his athletic intelligence. The features of his training were the right mental attitude to win and the author’s tactical preparations. Purcell ‘s achievements include 9 championship rings, a place in the Hall of Honor and the THSCA All-Star Ring.

You can find some of his performances on YouTube. They give an accurate understanding of his coaching style. Ken educates leaders. This approach proved to be quite effective.

Ken summed up his years of experience in All I Need to Know I Learned from My Texas High School Football Coach: A Handbook of Wisdom for Parents, Young People and Yes, Even Coaches! He released it in 2007, but it is still available for purchase online, although there aren’t many free copies left. Today he is the author of several other educational materials for coaches and young football players.

The coach has recently retired. He has won more awards than any other coach in Texas. He raised several generations of football players. Some of his players have gone on to become NFL stars. His experience and charisma interested Fox Sports SW. They offered Ken a lucrative contract. The ex-coach could not refuse. Football has long been a part of his life. The new work gives him additional strength and inspiration. Every Friday he reviews football events. His talent greatly increased the audience of the TV show.

Ken Purcell’s Wife and Children

Ken became a TV star but never learned how to be a public person. He is old-fashioned and does not go into the details of his personal life. Most likely he has a wife and children, but more accurate data are not available.

Ken Purcell’s Net Worth

Football is always associated with big fees. Top coaches can be millionaires. Ken is definitely in the Top category, but the high school league doesn’t pay as much as you might think. Purcell was able to arrange a good life for himself, provide for his family, and earn a decent pension. Now his main source of income is a salary from Fox Sports SW. We agree with most analysts’ estimates and also believe that the net worth of a coach is $300,000 (maybe a little more).