Kirill Bichutsky is an American photographer of Russian origin. He came to New York at an early age. The man has gone from an amateur photographer to a professional, to which there is a line of models. He works in the genre of hot photos. Many girls who have an account in OnlyFans want Kirill to do a photo shoot for them. Such popularity allowed him to create his own brand. Top photographers can earn enough money for a decent living. Bichutsky surprises fans of his work with great wealth. How did he succeed and how much money did the man manage to put into his account?

How Does Kirill Bichutsky Make Money

Kirill Bichutsky net worth

Anyone can order shooting from Kirill Bichutsky. To do this, you need to pay his fee. The exact amount depends on the location, time and style of the photographs. For a long time, work in the specialty was the main source of income. The situation has changed. Today, no more than 50% of the profit falls on the photo shoot.

The photographer created his own brand of everyday goods. On his website, you can buy underwear, bikinis, T-shirts, hoodies, home accessories. The price of his products is quite low. Clothes from his brand usually cost no more than similar products in mass markets. This allows you to constantly increase capital.

Kirill Bichutsky has an account in OnlyFans. It’s free. Subscribers only have to pay for some exclusive media. This is not the direction of activity, thanks to which a man could become rich. An account on this social network is needed to advertise its services.

The lover of female beauty has a large fan base on Instagram. Advertising integrations in its content are a source of money. Instagram does not greatly increase his account, but is an important part of the work of the photographer.

Kirill Bichutsky Net Worth

Kirill Bichutsky net worth

An American from Russia has been one of the most popular specialists in the field of hot photos for several years. He receives money from several stable sources. You can call him a skilled entrepreneur. This made it possible to raise capital that exceeds $1 million. Kirill Bichutsky net worth is approximately 1.1 – 1.4 million US dollars. He never gave exact details of his bank accounts. Unlike bloggers, a high-class specialist does not brag about cash. He does not hide his wealth, but was not seen in his artificial inflating.

Annual Income of the Photograph

Kirill Bichutsky net worth

Kirill Bichutsky has a creative profession, so income may depend on the number of orders and purchases. OnlyFans does not bring direct income. A few hundred dollars a month is not serious money for a photographer. However, this allows you to increase the influx of customers. Working with a camera can bring in about $220,000 a year.

It is rather difficult to evaluate the flow of real customers in the Kirill Bichutsky online store. A large assortment of goods for all occasions allows you to increase capital by about 20 thousand dollars a month.

Kirill has sufficient capital to survive the decline in demand for his services and products. In the next 5 years, he can increase the stock of money by about 2 times.