Leah's Fieldnotes (Leah Wei) biography
Birth date30 May 1997
Full nameLeah Wei
Kind of activityyoutuber
Height171 cm
Weight53 kg
Marital statusin relationship
Social networks

Leah’s Fieldnotes (Leah Wei) is a YouTuber and model from Canada. She makes high quality videos for YouTube. She does not have a specific theme, but her channel is dominated by content about her travels around the world. The girl shares moments from her life. She is not a travel blogger. Her followers are interested in her nationality, income, boyfriend Andrew and other details of her personal life. This article contains the most complete information about these and other facts about Leah. We also break down the myths and fiction about the blogger that are spread by low-grade websites.

Biography: Short Wiki

A girl with a beautiful Asian appearance was born on May 30, 1997. She hasn’t posted a photo on Instagram since her birthday, so most of her followers didn’t congratulate her. Leah Wei was born in China. Her parents are also from this country. She moved to Canada as a child and received a Canadian passport. However, Wei remains Chinese by nationality. The girl does not hide her origin. Don’t believe reports that Leah’s Fieldnotes is native Canadian.

Leah's Fieldnotes (Leah Wei) in childhood
Leah’s Fieldnotes (Leah Wei) in childhood (5 y.o.)

Wei says almost nothing about her childhood. How her family settled down in Canada after the move remains a mystery.

The girl went in for sports from a young age. Thanks to this, she found herself in the modeling business. However, this is only a small part of its activity. At the age of 18, she created a YouTube channel. The athletic beauty began filming a personal blog about her life.

A few years later, Leah’s Fieldnotes channel was able to pass the 100,000 subscriber mark. The girl began to travel more. Her blog is filled with videos from different countries. However, Wei focuses on her life in the new conditions, and not on the sights of the country. She has been to many European countries. The number of regular subscribers has approached 700 thousand, and her videos have collected almost 35 million views.

The Chinese beauty has an Instagram. This is a secondary sphere of activity of the girl. There are many beautiful and hot photos. Model appearance attracts fans from all over the world.

Leah’s Boyfriend Andrew

The personal life of a blogger can be assessed by the content from her YouTube channel. She has a boyfriend named Andrew Nowacki. He is from Montreal. He has a Slavic name and surname. He does not report his roots, but the man (or his parents) is from Ukraine, Poland or Russia. Andrew is a web designer. He is a very creative person, because he publishes interesting photos on his Instagram, including with his beloved girlfriend.

Leah's Fieldnotes boyfriend Andrew

The couple has a very strong relationship. They have been going on for several years. You can rate Leah and Andrew as husband and wife. However, there is no information about the wedding in open sources. The couple has no children. They do not talk about plans to move to a more serious level.

Leah’s Fieldnotes Net Worth

Leah's Fieldnotes (Leah Wei) biography

Canadian YouTuber receives money from YouTube. She also has her own shop where she sells merch and original bread products. She bakes bags and other accessories. The most reliable sources estimate her net worth at 200-300 thousand dollars. Her boyfriend also earns good money. If they have a common budget, then they can easily afford to travel the world. Instagram should not be considered as a source of income for a girl. She does not have many subscribers, and she hardly makes any commercial posts.