Unless you’ve been shipwrecked and living on a remote desert island for some time, you can’t fail to have notest the rising popularity of digital dating. It seems like these websites and apps are everywhere these days. They are referred to in rom-coms as one of the prime methods singles are now using to hook up. They are advertised on TV and social media. The latest opinion polls have suggested that online dating is set to surpass the real-life version in the next couple of years to become the default method of social interaction for singles. One reason for the runaway success of this form of socializing is the way that dating websites have tapped into various trends to remain relevant and stay ahead of the game.

Reasons for continuing popularity of digital matching

So, what are the main trends that are influencing the ongoing desire of singles to sign up for these dating services? First of all, the subject matter covered is always expanding. The inaugural dating websites launched a couple of decades back were invariably aimed at ‘boy meets girl’ or ‘boy meets boy’ scenarios. From these inauspicious generic origins, the dating industry has now expanded globally and is covering everything from swinging to interracial romance, age-gap relationships to polyamory, swinging to LGBT and BDSM get-togethers, and much more. To say that the degree of choice varies considerably is a considerable understatement. Singles who are only interested in casual flings can pop phrases into their favourite search engines such as onenightfriend adult dating. This would provide instant access to a matchmaking service where everyone is on the same wavelength. Saving a lot of unnecessary time-wasting, your fellow site users will be looking for the same types of casual encounters as you. On the other hand, if you are more focused on meaningful relationships, some dating sites are specifically geared towards longer-term liaisons.

Compatibility is everything

Another vital trend in modern online dating is establishing common ground. Computer software within these outlets can assess information already stored in extensive databases and compare this with the background details provided by newcomers. As soon as any areas of overlap are identified, a shortlist of compatible individuals can be prepared. These matching platforms are also catering to niche areas of romance. This is one reason why the LGBT community has been so enthusiastic about embracing this medium, with gay and lesbian singles being twice as likely to be regular online daters. Disabled people or ex-service personnel looking for partners can find opportunities at their fingertips. One of the main reasons for the enduring success of online and dating resources is the way they have evolved to be so much more than simply a platform for introducing eligible singles. They have become social hubs that are relied upon by a diverse cross-section of people, a safe place where like-minded individuals can congregate. Information can be exchanged via blogs, while younger members can tap into guidance and support about any aspect of romance or love they’re unsure of.

Popular for local dates

It might be the case that you are exclusively focused on coming across a perspective partner from your neighbourhood. Local dating is covered in so many ways. Geolocation technology pinpoints the existence of other site users in real-time, displaying this information in an interactive map. What could be simpler than finding a potential love interest simply by referring to their whereabouts in relation to your current position? As well as this form of streamlined interaction, a host of innovations are just around the corner.

Virtual reality (VR)

It might seem like a sci-fi movie plot, but dating sites are now facilitating meetings between members in many exciting new ways, with VR set to become one of the most revolutionary. Provided the website utilises the appropriate software, by wearing VR headsets, singles can arrange to meet people they are attracted to in the virtual world. An unlimited choice of backgrounds would be available, covering everything from fantastical future world metropolises to sun-kissed tropical island paradises. You could then touch base with an avatar version of your prospective partner. Such is the potency of this VR software, these get-togethers are incredibly realistic. The next step in this process would be applying a sensory apparatus that can be stimulated remotely. This would add a whole new dimension to an animated rendezvous. Already widely utilised by the gaming industry, you can see how VR will open up new possibilities for romance in the early 21st century.

Finally, one trend likely to remain a constant is for singles to keep enjoying real-life encounters. While subscribing to a dating site can certainly be a convenient method for looking for love, nothing will ever quite replace the instant hormonal rush of coming across someone you fancy in the flesh!