Manu Rios biography
Birth date17 December 1998
Full nameManu Rios Fernandez
Kind of activityactor, singer, dancer
Height179 cm
Weight65 kg
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Manu Rios is an actor, singer, dancer from Spain. A popular artist in his country due to his multifaceted talents and good looks.

Manu Rios: Biography

Full name – Manu Rios Fernandez. Born in 1998, December 17th. The birthplace was the Spanish city of Calzada de Calatrava in the province of Ciudad Real. He was brought up with his older brother Josemi in a complete family by parents Manoli and Julia. The pleasant appearance and artistry of the boy determined his biography in a creative direction.

Already at the age of 9, young Manu responded to an unexpected offer to participate in a TV show from the Spanish studio Cantando en Familia. Then the whole of Spain learned about the pretty boy. As he grew older, Rios starred in various sketches, TV shows, and worked at theater venues. The TV program “Tu si que vales” revealed the artist’s dancing abilities, and later he became national champions, being a member of the “Sweet Babies” dance group in the hip-hop genre.

Manu Rios tattoo

Manu’s audience gradually increased and was impressed by his romantic image in one of the episodes of the popular TV series Pepe’s Diner. This happened in 2014. The actor played the role of the young man Marius, and the screen shot, where the idol of youth is captured with a guitar, remained forever in numerous descriptions of his activities.

By this time, the guy had already created an account on YouTube, which is filled with recordings of live performances of covers – Ryosa appreciates no less fans for his musical work than for his work in films and TV shows. Foreign publics call the musician “Spanish Justin Bieber”, and fans regret that he does not sing his own songs. In 2013, the VK social network acquired a fan page for the Spanish artist. Here, participants discuss where Manu lives, how old he is, and current updates to his personal profiles on Tumblr and Instagram.

Manu Rios in the “Elite” Series

Manu’s filmography does not include a large number of works. However, a new step in his development was the news that in 2020 a talented guy joined the cast of the Elite series. The project started in 2018 and successfully completed the production of three seasons. The participation in the filming of the 4th and 5th seasons of Spain’s favorite was officially announced by the Netflix studio, on whose web platform the drama is being released.

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The serial film “Elite” with elements of a thriller and crime tells about the life of young celebrities in a prestigious school. The plot is based on the confrontation between the “golden youth” and ordinary teenagers who go to study at Las Enchinas. Part of the cast from the 3rd season left the project due to the completion of the scenario line. Manu Rios and several other young actors and actresses will appear in the new series. To which clan the newcomers will belong, as well as when exactly the 4th season of the series starts, the producers do not report.

Manu Rios and the Girls: Question of Orientation

Thanks to the model appearance – a combination of soft and brutal facial features, a stylish hairstyle and a “perfect” figure – rumors about Manu’s orientation are heated. In addition, the artist loves to take care of himself and is not shy about sharing photos with cosmetic procedures. Therefore, some of his fans are sure that Rios is gay, but does not admit it. The network is massively discussing his languid look and unisex images. But the actor himself does not comment on such issues.

Manu Rios girlfiend

The Spanish star is often seen in the company of girls – almost every day there are stories on Instagram in which he is next to his girlfriends or work colleagues. The status of this relationship has not been disclosed. Manu knows from his personal life that he honors his family – the first photos on Instagram were pictures with his brother and parents. The attitude of the star towards animals is also important – his family has two dogs, Howard and Currillo. He often denotes boundless love for them and is ready to spend all his free time with dogs.

Manu Rios Now

In total, about 8 million users follow Manu’s biography across all social networks. He consistently posts fresh photos on Instagram, but does not like to spend money on words – he prefers to limit himself to a few emoticons in the post signature. Daily stories show the work and leisure of Rios in noisy cheerful companies. Of particular interest and a wave of subscribers came on July 20, 2020, the year the artist announced his participation in the 4th season of Elite.