Marina Golomazdina
Birth date4 January 1987
Full nameMarina Golomazdina
Kind of activitydesigner
Height162 cm
Weight48 kg
Marital statusmarried
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Marina Golomazdina is a fashion designer, one of the creators of the Russian brand 12stoorez. Known as the twin sister of Irina Golomazdina and is interested in the successful development of a joint family business.

Marina Golomazdina: biography

On January 4, 1987, twin girls, Marina and Irina, were born in an ordinary family in the city of Revda, Sverdlovsk Region. At that time, the parents already had an older 10-year-old daughter, Ekaterina. Mother Elena Yuryevna is a commodity specialist by occupation, later she worked in the tax office, and for 2020 she is the curator of an Internet project. Father Viktor Mikhailovich worked at the factory all his life. From her early biography, Marina often recalls the problem with the variety of clothes. Therefore, the mother sewed outfits for her daughters on her own. So the future designers developed a taste and understanding of the fashion industry.

In the early 2000s, the sisters decide to separate and pursue their own personal development. Irina stays in Yekaterinburg, while Marina goes to Moscow. In the capital, she gets a job at Cosmopolitan magazine, where she gets an editorial position in a short time. At the age of 27, Irina already had a relationship with Ivan Khokhlov, who later initiated the founding of the 12stoorez brand. In 2014, her sister calls Marina back to her hometown for a joint start as designers.

Marina GolomazdinaMarina and Irina Golomazdins

The twins took the Instagram platform as the basis for promotion, and it was there that the first customers saw the debut clothing lines. The philosophy of creating 12 collections a year is embedded in the brand name. Gradually, attention to the Golomazdins increased. In 2018, on one of the forums, users wondered about the similarity of twins and suspected surgical intervention in their appearance. Then Marina was very offended by the posted photo, allegedly before plastic surgery. According to the designer, in addition to the use of lip fillers, she and her sister did not go to the doctors for a radical change in the face.

Designer’s personal life: Marina Golomazdina and her husband Robert

For a long time, Marina’s heart was free. Exactly until the moment when Ivan Khokhlov introduced her to a local businessman, Robert Nuretdinov. The initiator of 12stoorez had known him since his studies at Skolkovo. Telling the story of meeting an entrepreneur, the girl notes that she had not heard the name of her future husband before and did not know what he was doing. Robert is the owner of several brands, including clothing stores.

Marina Golomazdina husbandMarina with her husband Robert Nuretdinov

In June 2018, the couple got married. It is noteworthy that wealthy and wealthy people did not play a luxurious wedding. Possible reasons were that the newlyweds are both too responsible for finances and preferred to invest free funds in the development of their brands. In the morning, on the day of the wedding, Robert and Marina simply went to the registry office in Yekaterinburg and signed. However, when choosing the image of the bride, the girl asked the opinion of her followers on Instagram, who chose a modest white dress.

Marina Golomazdina lost a child

A year after her marriage, Marina became pregnant. Soon, the designer’s Instagram began to fill up with happy pictures with her husband and growing belly. Fashion publics interviewed the expectant mother with advice on clothes for pregnant women. The girl spent the entire period in measured work and visited the doctor only for planned studies. In December 2019, the news of her new position as creative director at her husband’s company, Belleyou, a lingerie brand, was covered.

Marina Golomazdina child

At the beginning of March 2020, on the 6th, Marina and Robert became the parents of a son who was planned to be named Aron. But the boy did not survive. After 16 hours of observation by doctors of the UMMC-Health Medical Center, where Golomazdina gave birth, the child died. Only 4 days later, a post in the form of a black square appeared on the Instagram of one of the founders of the clothing brand. Under it, Marina wrote about how the birth went and what happened.

What’s going on now

After Marina gave birth to a child and lost him on the very first day, not only the media became interested in the situation. From the latest news, it becomes clear that the health authorities of Yekaterinburg are ready to conduct a thorough check of the maternity hospital and find out the reasons for the death of the first-born of the family of entrepreneurs.

In Marina’s last appeal to her subscribers, she asks not to bother with questions about how everything happened. And will the failed parents sue the obstetricians of UMMC-Health. She asks for time for herself and her loved ones to survive the loss without scandals.