Mia Boyka
Birth date15 February 1997
Kind of activitysinger, tiktoker
Height170 cm
Weight52 kg
Marital statusunknown
Social networks

Mia Boyka is a singer and tiktoker. She entered the charts thanks to her bright image, dynamic performance and collaboration with other well-known media personalities.

Mia Boyka – how old is the singer

Under the pseudonym known in teenage circles, a young and bright artist with a real name, Maria Boyko, is hiding. She was born on February 15, 1997. The girl willingly does not talk about her childhood, height, weight, and even the city of her growing up. Some media indicate the end of a music school in Masha’s biography, but this fact is not confirmed in an interview with the singer. It is known that she moved to Moscow to enter the university in the direction of business and management. Mia has already completed her bachelor’s degree and plans to continue her education in the master’s program.

In addition to a mundane profession for the future, the star was actively engaged in her financial independence. Even before the grand entry into show business, she was already fully self-sufficient from the 2nd year – she worked at corporate parties and as an administrator in several beauty salons at once. Mia was even a children’s animator at outdoor events – she staged theater performances for children of wealthy families.

Mia Boyka – creative biography

From her youth, Mia Boyka gravitated toward singing. There is a small reference to the girl’s past – her father did not always want to listen to his daughter’s vocals and sent him to sing in the yard barn. Here there is an assumption that the star has provincial roots. Upon arrival in the capital, she was closely engaged in creativity on Tik Tok, filmed videos for YouTube. The audience gained due to the talented performance of covers. Then Boyka attended various auditions, auditioned for the “Star Factory” and only acquaintance with the artist T-Killah received an effective continuation.

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Already a very popular singer, he literally took young Mia under his wing and became her producer. It was under his control and management that the girl radically changed her image, brought maximum brightness and colors to her appearance. The groovy and energetic Mia Boyka with blue hair at the beginning of 2019 started with the track “We’re Flying Away”. The song even sounded on one of the TNT channel shows.

Mia Boyka and Egor Ship – an explosive collaboration

A real banger was a fit with Yegor Ship – a popular blogger, tiktoker and the son of a Moscow businessman. The track was named “Pikachu” in honor of Egor’s fresh tattoo. The video has received 67 million views in 2 months. It was with this song that a wave of both new admirers of talent and haters came to Maria. She is forced to make excuses for her similarities to Klava Koka and Maeby Baby. The singer herself is firmly convinced of her uniqueness and originality.

Mia Boyka on Instagram

If you go down to the star’s Instagram before 2018, you can see what Boyka looked like before collaborating with Tequila – there is a photo here without makeup and bright hair. When asked by journalists about her activities on the social network, the singer notes that she will never advertise alcohol and tobacco products. The artist maintains a strong connection with her subscribers. For example, for the next hit “Pineapple Adidas”, it was Mia’s fans who came up with the name.

Despite the outrageous image, Boyka observes all the decency accepted by society – she does not show hot photos like shots where she is naked or in underwear. No matter how hard the haters try, there is no leaking explicit photos on the network that undermines the reputation. Of the appearance of the girl, the followers are most interested in what is on the cheek – a birthmark or a tattoo. In one of the interviews, she suggested that this mysterious mark in the form of scratches was stuffed in connection with past difficulties in the fate of the singer.

Mia Boyka and boyfriend: who is the singer dating

Maria tries not to talk about her personal life. More precisely, according to her, there is nothing to tell. If there is a worthy occasion, the singer will definitely share with her fans. At the same time, the recording of the song “Pikachu” in a duet with a tiktoker caused a strong reaction on the network. Then many discussed the news that Mia Boyka and Yegor Ship are dating in real life. To these suspicions, the performer answered only that they had been good friends with the guy for a long time.

On the eve of the new year 2020, pop publics replicated footage of T-Killah kissing a girl with blue hair. At the same time, the face of the chosen one is not visible. The picture was timed to coincide with the release of the track “Blue”. Then the public was sure that Tequila kissed Mia and dedicated a song to her, despite the recent marriage. However, meticulous fans write that there is a wig on the head of the passion, and this is definitely not Mia, but the newly-made wife of the musician.

Singer Mia Boyka now

The second year of her creative biography continued to replenish Mia’s achievements with successful compositions. In April 2020, a video for the track “Unicorns” was released, in the summer the youth flexed under “M&M’s” and “Pikachu”, and in the fall the listeners were pleased with the song “Fendi Mood”. In mid-October, the singer released a joint video with Dava and Calvin for the song “Picnic”, which has already been watched by about 1 million viewers in a week. The blue-haired Mia Boyka is steadily gaining a new audience – in quantitative terms of all social networks, more than 6.7 million users follow the singer’s latest news.