munmun dhamecha net worth
Birth date21 October 1992
Full nameMunmun Dhamecha
Kind of activitymodel, actress
Height177 cm
Weight60 kg
Marital statussingle
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Munmun Dhamecha is a popular model from India. She is known for her runway shows and photo shoots for top global brands. The public began to pay special attention to the personality of Munmun after her arrest in a drug case, which featured her friend Aryan Khan (actor and entrepreneur).

Biography (Wikipedia)

Munmun Dhamecha was born in India (Sagar city, Madhya Pradesh). The age of the model is controversial. On some websites, you can find fantastic data that she was born in 1982 or 1998. Finding out how old Munmun Dhamecha is is not difficult. The girl does not hide the year of birth – 1992. She celebrates her birthday on October 21st.

The girl does not indulge in details about her childhood. She received her secondary education at a local school. After that, Munmun moved to the nearby city of Bhopal to attend university. The girl received a high-quality higher education. There is no information about her specialty in the public domain.

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Career as a model and actress

Munmun has a spectacular appearance. At a young age, she decided to develop herself in the modeling business. To do this, she moved to Delhi to her brother.

The first professional shows and photo shoots began in 2015, when the girl was 23 years old. Later, directors from Bollywood became interested in the girl’s talent. She starred in popular films Bajirao Mastani (2015) and Padmaavat (2018).

The main achievement in the modeling business was participation in the Asian Design Weekend. Local designers are looking to get a contract with Munmun.

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Family and parents

Munmun grew up in a wealthy family. Her father is in big business. His name is Amit Kumar Dhamecha. He is respected by the people of Sagar City.

The girl has a brother – Prince Dhamecha. He lives in Delhi. The family belongs to the Rajput caste and professes the religion of Hinduism.

Why was she arrested?

In 2021, Munmun Dhamecha got into a nasty scandal. Drug Enforcement Bureau workers raided Bollywood and arrested 8 people. The main defendant in the case was the young actor Aryan Khan.

Munmun spent some time in custody. Now she is free and continues to work.

Personal life: boyfriend or husband?

Munmun Dhamecha has a lot of photos on Instagram with famous men. These are popular Indian actors and musicians. Among them are Nikhil Chinapa, Arjun Rampal, Guru Randhawa.

Munmun Dhamecha with Arjun Rampal

Munmun does not post boyfriend or husband details on social media. She is single. The girl definitely does not suffer from a lack of male attention. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the model hides her personal from the general public. However, subscribers will inevitably find out about her romantic relationship.

Munmun Dhamecha net worth

The model and actress does not disclose income information. An analysis of her Instagram account suggests that monetization does not bring her much money. But the girl is open to commercial cooperation, which she wrote about in her profile.

Munmun’s main sources of income are collaborations with brands and fashion shows. Advertising contracts can provide a beautiful life. She likes to relax with friends in Dubai (UAE) and spend her money there. The girl cannot imagine her life without traveling. Such a hobby requires significant financial investments. Dhamecha’s filmography is very limited. The career of an actress is in the early stages of development. As her popularity grows, her roles will become more important, and the amount of the fee will increase.