Naomi Lang biography
Birth date18 December 1978
Full nameNaomi Lang
Kind of activityfigure skater
Height168 cm
Marital statussingle
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Naomi Lang – figure skater, champion in ice dancing, participant in the 2002 Olympic Games. The close attention of the Russian public is caused by its partnership with the eminent sportsman Peter Chernyshev.

Biography of Naomi Lang

Naomi was born in the small town of Arcata, California on December 18, 1978. On her paternal side, she has the blood of the Karuk Indian tribe. The second national name is Makhita Khan. A girl from the age of 3 was engaged in ballet, which brought up grace and a sense of rhythm in her. She even went on stage to play The Nutcracker. At the age of 8, the future star decides to connect his biography with ice dancing after seeing the Ice Capades show. She has been practicing figure skating for 4 years and finally achieves the skill of dancing.

John Lee becomes the first partner to enter the competition. At the age of 17, the figure skater in the pair performance wins. From the rookie stage, she quickly moves into the junior stage. It also ranks among the top three in US tournaments. In 1996, the Russian athlete Pyotr Chernyshev noticed the girl and wrote her a personal letter of cooperation. This union has collected more than 10 titles in international championships. After Peter received a green card in 2002, the couple entered the Winter Olympics in Naomi’s homeland. Trained by Alexander Zhulin. But as a result, the tandem takes only 11th line in the final table.

Naomi Lang biography

After the most prestigious competitions, Naomi went on the ice several times with Peter. However, the success of the first years of skating could not be repeated. In 2003, the figure skater was removed from the next competition due to her own injury – damage to the calcaneal tendon. After several years of rehabilitation, the athlete participates in various ice shows paired with Chernyshev. They tour the United States, Europe and Russia. Were guests of honor as artists at Jim Carrey’s private Christmas get-together.

Naomi Lang: the role of Peter Chernyshev in his personal life

After graduating from a sports biography in 2004, Naomi becomes the mother of Lily-Ashley’s daughter. The girl’s father is Ukrainian figure skater Vladimir Besedin. There is no information about the conclusion of an official marriage. After 4 years in New York, the champion marries ice dancer Mark Fitzgerald. The family has a son, Mason Daniel, and a daughter, Madeleine Christina, with a difference of 4 years. In 2016, Naomi divorces her husband.

In the same year, Jeffrey Strong becomes the second legal spouse. From this union, the figure skating star gives birth to two more children – the third daughter, Elora Ivy, and the second son, Sebastian Jozev. The last child was born on December 3, 2018. Thus, Naomi Lang is a happy mother of 5 children.

In the personal life of a woman, her companion on the ice, Pyotr Chernyshev, was never exposed. The tabloids wrote about the romantic relationship of the athletes only at the time of Peter’s divorce from his first wife Natalya Annenko. Then he spent all the time with Naomi working on dances. The public felt that he had tender feelings for a colleague. Explicit confirmation of the paparazzi and fans did not wait.

Discussion of memorable photos of figure skater Naomi Lang

At the beginning of 2020, photos from the past began to appear abruptly on Lang’s Instagram feed. One post is posted as a collage of shots from the awards ceremony of the eminent couple Naomi and Peter in the early 2000s. On February 6, she publicly congratulated a friend on his birthday. On another social network, she shares a picture of her daughter next to Peter. The public immediately dubbed such nostalgia the athlete’s betrayal of his wife Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who is being treated for cancer in Europe. And even began to suspect his paternity of the Lang children.

Naomi Lang with her partnerFamous couple of winners skaters

What caused the skater’s memories is unknown. There are versions that she provides financial assistance to her partner’s family and therefore communication has become more dense. A good explanation of the fact that these families are friends is in the interview of the champions from 2015. Peter says that when traveling to the USA, he and Zavorotnyuk always stop in Arizona with the Naomi family. Just like when she travels to Russia with her husband, she stays with Russian friends.

What is Naomi doing now?

The titled figure skater in 2020 successfully trains youth ice dance teams. She shares her experience with young skaters and helps develop their sports biography. There are fresh photos on Instagram from a dance convention in Dallas, where Naomi is captured in a large group of students with her children. Young talents delight the masters of figure skating with their achievements. There are also pictures with her beloved husband on Valentine’s Day and a collage of photographs of her sons and daughters.

Naomi Lang children

Instagram collage of mother of many children Naomi Lang