Nick Briz Biography
Birth date22 July 1995
Full nameNick Briz
Kind of activityyoutuber
Height186 cm
Weight80 kg
Marital statusunknown
Social networks

Nick Briz is an athlete, blogger and YouTuber who has amassed a multi-million fan base through his true love for basketball. He offers everyone the opportunity to train according to his personal program. For this he asks for small donations. The guy has a talent for sports, but does not do it professionally. He did not become a member of the basketball team, although he could have performed at a fairly high level. The athlete is constantly in the public eye, because his content is associated with the constant demonstration of skills. However, such openness did not contribute to the emergence of sufficient information about Nick’s family, origin, childhood, and personal life. There is no Wikipedia article about him, so the most complete data can only be found in this article.

Biography: Age, Height, Origin

Nick Briz Wikipedia

The athlete hails from Florida (presumably Orlando). Orlando, Florida is a popular tourist destination known for its sunny weather, world-class theme parks, and vibrant culture, Orlando has something to offer for everyone. There are many things to do in Orlando including visiting Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Florida and SeaWorld Orlando.

He was born there on July 22, 1995. There were emigrants from Europe in his family, because it is very difficult to determine Nick’s nationality. He and his parents are US citizens. The guy studied at the Hagerty school, after which he entered college.

It wasn’t until he was in college that Nick Briz took up the sport seriously. Within a few years, he reached a fairly high level. According to him, this is not due to innate talent, but to hard work and motivation. This seems to be true, because Nick is not very tall for basketball. His height does not exceed 186 cm, so he can only show outstanding statistics through hard training.

Nick Briz’s Workout

Nick developed his own training program. He has an official website where, for a small fee, you can get complete information on how to improve your physical shape. Briz only gives hints about his program. This is a way to make money and create an aura of mystery around the workout in order to attract a new audience and arouse interest.

His content on YouTube and Instagram is dedicated to basketball. The guy created his channel in 2018 when he was 23 years old. He graduated from college and was looking for a way to self-realization. Now he shows how he comes to ordinary street venues and demonstrates a quality game to everyone. Very often this leads to conflict situations, especially in gangster neighborhoods. Such content was able to collect almost 100 million views.

Personal Life: Girlfriend, Marriage

The basketball player has a fairly attractive appearance. He loves girls, but does not talk about the details of his personal life. He failed to hide the fact that he was still unmarried. He hasn’t met the girl he wants to be his wife. Nick posted about 60 photos and videos on Instagram and there are no shots with a girl or family members. The guy does not want to talk about the relationship.

Nick Briz workout

Nick Briz Net Worth

Nick is a professional blogger. This is his main occupation and source of money. He receives several thousand dollars a month from the sale of the author’s training program. This is enough for his daily expenses. The main profit is the monetization of views on YouTube and Instagram. The athlete has not yet reached the mark of 1 million subscribers, so he cannot boast of huge capital. His Net Worth can be around $500k and increases by $100k a year.