Nicole Chikwe biography
Birth date1 February 1989
Full nameNicole Chikwe
Kind of activityentrepreneur
Marital statusmarried
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Nicole Chikwe is a beauty-blogger, fitness and health activist who quickly won the love of fans. She is the founder of The Mummy Summit community and host of the Mums Worst Day Podcast. A woman sincerely tries to make the lives of other families happier. She is constantly working on finding new life hacks for the happy devel pment of children and relationships with men. Beauty and wellness enthusiast has an interesting biography. Not much is known about her and her life in vain bypasses Wikipedia. However, we will try to answer your questions about Nicole.


A famous blogger and activist was born on February 1, 1989. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. At the moment, the star is 33 years old. Her homeland is Nigeria. On the scale of this country, Nicole is a real star and a significant influencer.

Her childhood was very simple. She does not like to tell unnecessary details about her parents. The girl knew that for a good life you need to work hard. She chose the path of a blogger when she felt the strength to bring useful knowledge to people.

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Until 2015, the girl was not seen in social activity. But at the age of 26, she began work on a personal blog and educational courses for other women. The impetus for the study of the secrets of happy motherhood was the birth of the first, and a little later, the second child. Subscribers who have followed Nicole Chikwe’s work from the very beginning can see its incredible development very well.

The woman is active in social networks. Instagram has become her main information portal. Nicole Chikwe has over 65.1k subscribers on this social network .Fans are delighted with her knowledgeable advice and claim that the blog inspires them to take care of themselves and follow their dreams.

Family: Husband and Children

Nicole Chikwe family

The beauty and family blogger is happily married to Naeto Chikwe. They played the wedding in 2012. The beautiful couple has three children. Her husband is a popular local musician and producer. He has great respect in the country, so he was seen in social activities. His musical profession did not prevent him from getting an education in energy and economics.

Sometimes he is not next to his wife, but he knows how to combine work and family life. His support is very important to Nicole Chikwe’s inspiration.

Nicole Chikwe Net worth

She is one of the richest beauty bloggers. According to some reports, her net worth can be about $1.5 million. Of course, we will not know the exact numbers until the woman tells us about it. So fans can only guess. However, one thing is obvious: talent and love for one’s work bring good profits. There is no reason to consider her a multimillionaire. She often uses the word “millionaire” in her promotional or motivational videos, but she herself could only slightly surpass this cherished figure. This does not detract from her merits and financial well-being. A lot of brands want to get ads on her Instagram.