The final song of the legendary Rammstein from the album Zeit made a splash even during the audio release. After the presentation of the video, fans began to seriously worry about the future of the group. There are many references and allusions in the short film for the song Adieu. The authors were able to put into the composition a meaning that lies on the surface, but is not clear to everyone.

Adieu: Meaning of the Song

The lyrics of the song are filled with dark words. Till says goodbye to someone, then. Hints of death make the listener think, to whom is the song dedicated? There is no exact data that someone close to the musicians suffered from an incurable disease or died. Therefore, the lyrics of the song should not be taken as a direct appeal to someone, something more abstract.

A lot of controversy was caused by this line from the chorus: “The last song, the last kiss. A miracle won’t happen.” Considering that Adieu is finishing the album, this may be the band’s hint at the end of their career.

In fact, we are talking about the inevitable end of everything that surrounds us. The first line “only death has resisted time from time immemorial” should serve as a lesson to those who rush time. If you are against time and its flow, then you are on the side of death. This is a dangerous game that is best not played.

Adieu is suitable for anyone who is going through a breakup. The reason for this separation is irrelevant. The universality of the song and its meaning makes it closer to people. All of us experience adversity at some point. Adieu will help you prioritize correctly.

Adieu: Meaning of Rammstein’s Video Clip

Rammstein Adieu Meaning

The director of the video sends us to Paris. Events take place in the building of the Grand Opera. The band members play the role of religious fanatics with guns. They storm the well-defended opera house. In a few minutes we will know about their purpose. Musicians want to destroy their clones. It’s hard for the band members, but they do what they came for.

The second location is a basement with a cage in which the musicians sit. Around a crowd of people. There is no reason to doubt that the authors say that the band members have become hostages of their fame and fan love. They manage to escape, destroying everything to the ground.

The final surprises even experienced viewers and connoisseurs of short films from the German group. It turns out that attempts to escape and destroy the clones were unsuccessful. All the attackers died without even opening the door to the vault.

Another side of the coin. Musicians kill copies of themselves and the fans who keep them in a cage. Perhaps this is a desire not to be copies and captives of one’s own image. It is possible that we should wait for some kind of renewal and fresh blood.

If you do not take into account the lyrics of the song, then the authors definitely added some personal experiences to the plot. This is an exact hint that musicians are no longer so easily given fame. They would try to finish everything, but they have no chance of doing so. A close connection with the fans and a huge joint history will not let them go to rest.

We can draw the final conclusion: this is not the last song and clip of the German band. Rammstein may surprise us, but certainly not with a goodbye.

If you combine the meaning of the video and the meaning of the song, the picture will be a little different. The authors want to show that time cannot be deceived. If you try to do this, then die before reaching the goal.

References and Easter Eggs

The clip is filled with footage that hints at Rammstein’s old work. If you’ve watched all of their videos, you’ll easily find references. There is no point in focusing on the obvious.

In the first half of the clip, there is a lot of emphasis on Richard, because he founded the group. He is the most upset near the capsules with clones and he sets everything on fire with a cigarette. The basement scene is a reference to almost all of their videos at the same time, it’s generally brilliant. Simultaneously reminiscent of Mutter, Mein Herz Brennt, Seemann, Sonne, Mann Gegen Mann and Mein Teil.

At 41 seconds, after the armored car stopped, LI-FAD-6 is written instead of the license plate. This is a reference to the sixth Rammstein’s album – Liebe ist fur alle da. Perhaps the reference is not to the album itself, but to track number 6 – Frühling in Paris. Translated into English: Spring in Paris. The events of the video take place there. This is not an accident.