Rie Hachiyanagi Biography
Full nameRie Hachiyanagi
Kind of activityprofessor, artist, criminal
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Rie Hachiyanagi is a famous art professor and performance artist. She gained notoriety not because of her achievements in her work, but because of the terrible crime she committed. The victim of the criminal was a female colleague who had known her for 14 years. As it turned out, all this time, the criminal unrequitedly loved the victim.

Biography: Age, Origin

Rie has Japanese roots, but now she is American. She was born approximately in 1972 (error of 1 year is possible). She was always fond of creativity, so she received a special education. In 2004, at the age of 32, she began teaching and was quite successful in doing so. More detailed information cannot be found for two reasons. First, she did not live a public life. Secondly, after the crime, people close to her do not really want to share the details of her life that they know. Wikipedia doesn’t have a word about it.

The question of her personal life (husband, children) also remains open. There is a little more information about her net worth. She did not gain worldwide fame, but she successfully demonstrated her creativity and received money for it. Her annual income was $100,000. How much has she saved up? A little. But in prison it doesn’t really matter.

Rie Hachiyanagi’s Art

Rie Hachiyanagi Art

It is a woman’s great passion. Her performances have been successfully exhibited all over the country. The harmony of philosophy and acute social problems is reflected in her works.

Hachiyanagi first came to the USA from Japan as a student.

She worked as an art professor at Mount Holyoke College in western Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley and taught students. Her area of interest was Inspirare, a handmade paper installation. Initially, it was difficult for a woman to communicate in English, and she was looking for universal ways of self-expression. Before it, Rie taught at Alfred College in New York. She draws inspiration from haiku poets, the works of Camus, Heidegger, and others

She also focuses on hopefully revealing the crucial role of women in history. Professor is passionate about the methods of making bamboo paper. She has a website dedicated to her professional career.

Terrible Incident

The university teacher is accused of attacking her colleague – Professor Lauret Savoy. Pouncing on the poor 60-year woman, the criminal confessed to her feelings. Rie attacked Lauret with a poker, a stone,  and clippers and severely beat her. It is classified by law enforcement as attempted murder. She was charged with beating with a weapon, armed assault attempted murder of a person,  causing harm, and so on. The criminal intended to gouge out the victim’s eyes.

But it all started quite peacefully. Hachiyanagi told the poor woman that she wanted to talk about her feelings. She knew this colleague for fourteen years. The confused 60-year-old victim admits that she is shocked by such a betrayal.

After these events, the College sent the teacher on administrative leave. The victim let Rie in and received blows to the head with some hard objects. The injured colleague says that she also admitted that she felt love for the criminal and asked her to call 911. She had no choice but to agree with  Rie. Despite the injuries received, the victim must survive.

Rie Hachiyanagi Crime

Hachiyanagi was sentenced to 10 to 12 years in a Massachusetts prison. The judge who led the trial noted that he was struck by the cruelty of the criminal and the victim’s courage. We are sure that this case will be remembered both by the general public and colleagues and students. Everyone is shocked by what the woman has gone to and how incredibly ugly and vilely she has acted.

Professor, art lover, and a criminal! Previously, the woman who is now a criminal was not seen in anything like it. She showed unimaginable cruelty. This case attracted the attention of the public around the world.