Romeo Beckham biography
Birth date1 September 2002
Full nameRomeo Beckham
Height178 cm
Weight51 kg
Marital statussingle
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Romeo Beckham is a British model and a successful tennis player in the future. Since his birth, he has been known as the second son of fashion designer Victoria Beckham and famed football star David Beckham.

Biography and popularity of Romeo Beckham

The middle son of the Beckhams was born on September 1, 2002 in the historic district of London. The boy was given a name in honor of Shakespeare’s hero – Romeo. Middle name is James. At that time, the famous couple already had an older child, Brooklyn. In contrast, Romeo immediately grew up as a calmer child. Fashionable businesswoman and mother, Victoria Beckham, says that the second son practically does not leave her. For breakfast, his mother prepares toast for him and his favorite fruits – pineapples and mangoes. He spent all his childhood in an abundance of teddy bears and from an early age began to get involved in fashion styles.

At the age of 8, Romeo was ranked 26th in the list of the most stylish gentlemen in England according to GQ magazine. He pays maximum attention to his appearance. Very scrupulous in the selection of clothes and accessories. Numerous photos of the guy make it clear that he manages to maintain a casual style. Observers of his biography note that the boy has a real mania for sunglasses.

Romeo Beckham biographyLittle stylish Romeo

A little earlier, when the child was 4 years old, there was a fuss in the media about the health of Romeo Beckham. Indeed, with the accumulation of cameras, he began to get hysterical. Victoria explained that her son had epilepsy and with such pressure from the paparazzi, he began to have seizures. The parents insistently asked the public not to speculate on the boy’s condition. At the time of 2020, information about the disease of the middle son of the Beckhams is not distributed.

Romeo grows up in a stellar family and has access to almost any dream. However, the choice of the son’s sports path initially confused David Beckham. The guy plays professional tennis. On his 16th birthday, his parents gave him a real tennis court, which supported his son’s career growth. He supports the direction of football exclusively in the amateur version. Attends matches with his father, trains a little. On March 4, 2017, the teenager started his Instagram. One of the photos shows a bright boot with Zidane’s autograph – the guy’s happiness knew no bounds.

Romeo Beckham and his ex-girlfriend Millie Bobby Brown

In March 2019, the tabloids massively reported on Romeo’s first love. She became a successful actress for her age, Millie Bobby Brown. Young people met in 2016 and only after a while they began a love relationship. The girl is 2 years younger than the guy. Early social life managed to replenish Millie’s biography with youthful novels. She is an actress and model. She starred in 6 TV series and the feature-length Godzilla 2.

Romeo Beckham girlfriendRomeo Beckham with ex-girlfriend Millie Bobby Brown

Victoria and David Beckham supported the young couple and appreciated the choice of their offspring. However, the activity of the media quickly subsided and the union of star children went out of public attention. Fans did not receive details about the duration of feelings. Proper upbringing of Romeo does not allow inquisitive insiders to notice gossip and scandals around his person.

Literally six months later, it became clear that Millie Bobby Brown had acquired the status of an ex-girlfriend. This happened as soon as photos of a guy with a new passion appeared on the network – model Mia Regan. Instagram subscribers know her under the nickname Mimi Mucher. Since 2013, Mia has been modeling and is very successful. The newly-made couple spends a lot of time together, traveling. On the eve of 2020, we visited Paris on a romantic visit.

Romeo Beckham with model Mia Regan:

Romeo Beckham girlfriend photo

Life of David Beckham’s son Romeo today

Romeo is considered the most attractive son of the Beckhams, as he continues to follow fashion trends. Much attention is paid to the style of the hairstyle. When asked by followers about the name of the teenager’s haircut, he boldly refers to his father. David has over 20 unique haircuts. The heir does not lag behind him – he often cuts his hair in the image of the pope.

It is known that in addition to tennis, the boy regularly visits the gym and maintains a muscular shape. With a physique, he went to his father, and Romeo’s height is already 1.78 m – this is only 2 cm lower than the famous football player. The guy also loves to dance. Before the new year 2020, Victoria shared a video where she and her son rock out to an old Spice Girls song.

Despite world fame, the teenager does not grow up as a spoiled major. Photos of social networks are replete with different hobbies of the young man – karting, selfies with relatives at social events, many animals and vivid shots from the rest. In the lists of the most enviable suitors in Britain, he occupies a leading position.

Source of personal photos: Instagram of Beckham’s middle son – Romeo.