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Birth date3 September 1957
Full nameJaggi Vasudev
Kind of activityphilosopher
Height172 cm
Weight70 kg
Marital statusmarried
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Sadhguru is one of the most influential people in India, he is a philosopher and mystic who devoted his life to serving people and the ideas of harmony and peace.

Sadhguru: Biography of Jaggi Vasudev

The full name of the philosopher, mystic and poet Jagadish Vasudev, he was born in India, in the city of Mysore, Karnataka, on September 3, 1957. The Vasudev family belonged to the privileged strata of society, his father, an ophthalmologist by training, worked at the largest state enterprise in India, the Indian Railways company, and his mother was a housewife, she was engaged in raising four children, among whom Jaggi was the youngest.

According to the Guru, life has always been the subject of his admiration, from a young age he was interested in the secrets of human life and at the age of eleven he became a student of Raghavendra Swami of Malladihalli, a famous teacher of yoga and Ayurveda. Unlike the exercises and classes with Swamiji, school lessons were not Jaggi’s passion and he graduated from school with average results, which, however, did not become an obstacle to his admission to Mysore University, from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature.

Sadhguru Biography

For several years, Jaggi Vasudev tried his hand at business, without interrupting yoga and daily meditation, and at the age of 25 he achieved enlightenment, deciding to devote his life to improving the physical, spiritual and mental health of people. In 1992, he founded a Center in India called the Isha Foundation, a charitable organization whose purpose is to educate people and spread the principles of peace and harmony. The unique program of self-transformation developed by Sadhguru, as Jaggi began to be called by his followers, is based on his own worldview and combines the principles of many teachings and practices.

Sadhguru: Wikipedia, official site in Russian

Wikipedia has both a Russian-language article on Sadhguru and an article in English. Both of them reveal the main milestones of the Guru’s life and contain brief information about his teachings and activities. On the official YouTube channel in Russian, to which more than a million people subscribe, there are videos with the Guru’s conversations, meditations and practices developed by him. Lectures reflecting on love, happiness, the importance of physical practices and nutrition are very popular. The teacher, in an accessible and understandable language for everyone, talks about whether karma really exists, explains how it is connected with a person’s memory, and how it affects his life. All lectures and conversations of the Guru are provided in high-quality translation.

Sadhguru: Biography

On the Russian-language website of the Isha Foundation, you can also find information about the teachings of Sadhguru, access free online classes, purchase paid programs on self-knowledge and self-transformation, and buy Teacher’s books, including the famous book “Internal Engineering”.

Sadhguru: meditation, internal engineering

Breathing, directed thoughts, control over the activities of the mind and awareness – these are the components of Sadhguru’s meditations, which are called Isha Kriya, and which gave millions of people a miracle of healing, helped to know the unlimited possibilities of the body, gain confidence and realize unity with the world. During meditation, Sadhguru sings mantras, they can be found on the official channel of the Foundation, and, as subscribers note, the voice of the Guru penetrates the very soul and leads to unity with God.

Sadhguru now

The audiobook “Internal Engineering”, available to everyone on the Foundation’s website, contains unique techniques that allow you to get rid of diseases and problems in relationships, master the technique of fulfilling desires and find balance in all areas of life.

Sadhguru: personal life, family, wife, daughter

Guru met his wife Vijaykumari two years after his spiritual awakening. Their acquaintance took place at a gala dinner in Mysore, and a romantic relationship began with an exchange of letters and ended with a wedding ceremony in 1984. Six years later, Viji gave her husband a daughter, Radha, and in 1996 an incident occurred that almost put an end to Sadhguru’s activities: Viji died during meditation. The Teacher himself explained the death of his wife by her easy and painless transition to another life, but the public, having learned about Sadhguru’s connection with a woman named Bharti, accused him of having killed his wife. At the initiative of Viji’s father, the police conducted an investigation, which, however, proved that Viji’s death was due to natural causes, and the case was never opened. Despite the resonance caused by the death of the Guru’s wife, he managed not only not to give up his positions, but also to become one of the most influential people in India.

Sadhguru family

The appearance of Sadhguru does not correspond in any way to the idea of ​​​​a sage, he does not spend his days in meditation, travels a lot and prefers clothes that would suit a rock star more. In many photos you can see Sadhguru in jeans and T-shirts, he wears a ring in the form of a snake, since from his youth he has respect for snakes and considers them a symbol of wisdom. In his youth, Sadhguru became interested in motorcycles, he prefers to ride motorcycles in adulthood. Among the Guru’s hobbies, golfing occupies a significant place, he has achieved perfection in golf and calls it the game of the future, because, according to him, golf contributes to the development of not only physical abilities, but also mental ones, and helps to achieve a higher level of self-control.

Indian philosopher Sadhguru today

The incredible popularity of Sadhguru and his influence on people periodically arouse suspicion among skeptical citizens who wonder if the Indian sage and philosopher is a charlatan. The Guru himself, whom the adherents of his teaching call a wizard, once answered that the time of wizards will end only when people stop believing in their ability to change life for the better. A person is alive as long as he feels a craving for the improvement of the mind and body, emphasizes Sadhguru.

In 2020, Sadhguru, at the invitation of the Head of Sberbank German Gref, attended the Davos Economic Forum, where he suggested that awareness is the most important tool that can help humanity solve the problems it faces. Guru travels a lot, every week he posts videos with discourses in which he addresses people with ideas of peace and goodness.

In the fall of 2020, a video about the secret of the ring finger appeared on the channel of the Indian sage, with the help of which, according to Sadhguru, every person can learn to control the universe. This lecture, as well as many others, gained thousands of views and many comments, in which users thanked the Teacher for generously sharing his invaluable knowledge with them.

Admirers of the teachings of Sadhguru are interested in the question of how old their Teacher is and what he eats to stay in excellent physical shape, however, the main secret of longevity is the modern magician from India, who calls the harmony of mind, soul and body that can be achieved by studying his books and practicing self-knowledge and self-improvement.