Saygin Yalcin is a major international entrepreneur. He lives in the UAE but was born in Germany. By nationality, this rich man is a Turk. Saygin is best known for a high-profile multi-million dollar sale of his company, which later became part of Amazon. The businessman maintains a blog on YouTube and Instagram, in which he talks about his experience and the secrets of success. The Turkish-German rich man was able to earn many millions of dollars, but the real net worth and annual income are controversial.

Is Saygin Yalcin a Billionaire?

Yalcin began his journey to riches in 2010 when he arrived in Dubai with minimal capital. In just a few years, he became a millionaire. When he took a step towards the first billion is not known for certain. Open sources report that Saygin Yalcin is a billionaire. The businessman himself does not name the exact amounts, but also hints at his special financial status.

When the billionaire talks about his path to success, he recalls how he dreamed of becoming a football player. One of the reasons why Yalcin chose a different path was the big ambition. A football player cannot be a billionaire, but a businessman can.

Saygin Yalcin Net Worth

Saygin Yalcin net worth

This is one of the richest young entrepreneurs in the Middle East. The most popular opinion is that his net worth is $5 billion. The accuracy of this figure is questionable. Calculating the annual income and savings he has made in recent years is a difficult task. When his capital exceeded $ 1 billion, the amount of money ceased to be of particular importance. The way was opened for manipulation and speculation by the media, competitors, and even Saygin himself. If you do not want to make a mistake, then Saygin Yalcin net is worth talking about – more than $ 1 billion.

We propose to draw more definite conclusions on the basis of an analysis of his sources of income.

How Did Saygin Yalcin Make His Money?

Saygin Yalcin income

The man made a name for himself in the international business arena when his online trading platform began to bring in tens of millions of dollars a year. A successful company is interested in the brand. The deal went through without the participation of the press. However, Sukar was soon talked about again, because Amazon paid $580 million for Souk. This gives reason to believe that Saygin earned at least $100 million on the first deal. This amount allowed to invest in a new grandiose project.

An example of a successful business is the SellAnyCar project. Today, this is Saygin Yalcin’s main way of making money. This is a service for safe and convenient car sales in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The huge capital of a young billionaire consists of 90% of the estimated value of this enterprise. Yalcin has a huge collection of luxury cars. It can hardly be called an investment, but the cost of all vehicles is about $50 million. Does he have a plane? Yes. Another $36 million can be added to the total capital. That’s how much your own plane costs.

Income from social networks and YouTube is disproportionately small compared to the income from SellAnyCar. Saygin lectures and blogs to promote his positive image, not to make money.