Sean Federline - Britney's son
Birth date14 September 2005
Full nameSean Preston Federline
Marital statussingle
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Sean Federline is the first son of singer Britney Spears from her marriage to dancer, rapper and showman Kevin Federline. The child received close attention due to the world fame of the mother.

Sean Federline: biography and the problem of guardianship

The birth of the first son of a pop star of the 90s was followed by the whole world. Fans were waiting for his appearance no less than his mother. It happened on September 14, 2005 in California. The boy was given the full name – Sean Preston with the addition of the names of both parents. A year later, the second son Jayden was born in the family. Boys-weather did not have time to enjoy the attention of a full family.

Literally a few months after the second birth, a long divorce process begins. Fans watched with annoyance as the former spouses share children. Sean spends the first years of his life in a stressful situation – nannies change, the press bothers him at rare meetings with his mother. Britney, after a long depression, completely loses control over her children.

During the legal battle, the society is deprived of the details of the growing up of baby Sean and his brother. As a result of the scandalous division of children, 50/50 custody was established with the payment of alimony by Britney. Sons almost all the time live with their father. First, because of the long psychological rehabilitation of my mother, then because of her creativity.

Sean Federline biographyLittle Sean

But one has only to look at the singer’s Instagram, it immediately becomes clear that she does not miss a single meeting and important events in their biography. The star often spends leisure time next to Sean and his brother – they visit their favorite cafe, for baseball sports matches, shopping. Subscribers are pleased to watch joint trips to the sea and Disneyland. They note that no matter how many years pass in disagreements between parents, the sons do not lose touch with their mother.

All the birthdays of Preston and his brother, since they are only 2 days apart, are held in a real festive atmosphere. Spears throws kids parties with fancy cakes, magical surroundings, large tables of pokemon-type cakes. The 20-million audience of the star’s Instagram accepts with tenderness every frame with happy children.

Sean Preston Spears Federline – how does he live and what does he like?

In 2020, Sean has already crossed the line of a small child. Now he is a typical teenager with his own problems. It is known that the eldest son of Britney is very different from the youngest. The artist describes him as a self-confident and very expressive young man. He does not go into his pocket for a word, and if he does not like something, he will definitely express it directly.

Preston quietly participates in a therapy painting session that his mom is into. He chose football as his main calling in life. From an early age, Sean has been involved in this direction, playing in a team and making progress in his sports biography. He also enjoys skateboarding. As for creative development, Britney said in an interview that her eldest son helped her when recording the Glory album. The heir listened to the planned compositions and gave recommendations, advice, criticism. He mastered playing the piano on his own without a single musical lesson, which speaks of the innate talent of a teenager.

Sean Preston lives in two houses – he has more fun with his mother, goes on tours. Most of the time he lives in his father’s house with his wife and stepsisters. With this family, they also often go to the beach and have a cozy vacation. Regular photos from their instagram speak of the loving attitude of their parents. Britney often posts pictures with her sons and writes how proud she is of them.

Sean Federline photoSean with his mom and brother on vacation

In the fall of 2019, the situation regarding the division of responsibility for children between Britney and Kevin received a new turn. The tabloids were full of accusations of the father of the pop singer in beating the grandson of Sean Federline. After the incident, the boy’s father achieved a change in the percentage of custody in his favor to 70% or even 90%, according to various sources. The mother expressed dissatisfaction and in December 2019 filed a lawsuit to review the entire system of communication with her children. The press does not report on the state of health and the severity of Sean’s injuries.